Le Repaire Seychelles La Digue

Le Repaire is a charming boutique hotel on La Digue island in Seychelles. Nestled near a pristine beach, it offers comfortable rooms with stunning ocean views. Guests can enjoy a relaxing ambience, personalized service, and a delightful Italian restaurant on-site. Ideal for a tranquil getaway, Le Repaire combines natural beauty with modern amenities.

My Experience: One of the best places to stay on the small island of La Digue. La Digue is usually the favourite island for locals to visit, and it is indeed lovely. Few cars and short distances make many tourists rent a bike to get around.  Zenaida from the hotel was very friendly and helped me with a bicycle. As I wanted to get back to catch a ferry to Praslin, the heat hit me so hard that I was almost collapsing, and she could not have been more helpful in getting me back to normal. Le Repaire has an Italian restaurant, comfortable rooms, good service and complimentary internet. It’s a lovely little hotel with reasonable rates.

Duration of Stay/Visit: One night.

My Opinion: Good+ experience.

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