The Favourites of Thomas Schweizer


I have currently visited 79 countries, and the journey continues.
My goal is to visit the Hard Rock Cafes of this world and thereby visit great destinations. Currently, I have visited 331 different ones. I travel 95% alone through the world and I then like to explore the cities and countries I visit through the Hard Rock Cafes. Through this, I have met many local employees of the cafes who could give me insider tips about their homes. Whether it was good restaurants, hidden treasures, or viewpoints, all were worth seeing. Travelling has shown me so much experience, life wisdom and solutions that it has left me in my personality unbelievable.


The diversity of landscapes, cities and lifestyles alone is impressive.
Whether on the Road to Hana in Hawaii, Highway No1 in California, the Great Smoky Mountains or Niagara Falls. These landscapes are unique and invite you to stay, hike or simply relax. The cities like New York, Seattle or Chicago are also incredibly worth seeing. But also New Orleans, Nashville, Detroit are incredibly rich in culture and great people

South Africa
The nature and the people make this country so great.
Whether a safari in one of the national parks or a road trip on the south coast around Cape Town. There are so many WOW moments to experience here. In addition, the friendliness of the people.

The solitude and beauty of nature, forests and lakes. Pure relaxation, friendly, relaxed people and delicious food.

What are three of your favourite travel moments, and why?

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1. The sunset on Easter Island
Near the capital Hanga Roa, there is a great meadow with a stone statue right on the coast. There a few people gather at sunset and enjoy the spectacle. The atmosphere there was so peaceful and spiritual as I have never experienced.

2. Lisbon Portugal
In the evening, simply drifting in the old town of Lisbon, enjoying a few glasses of wine, either chatting with the locals or quietly listening to the music and reading a good book is the perfect way to end the day in this great city.

3. A cottage and its owner in Clifden, Ireland
On a road trip through Ireland I found a very cozy bed and breakfast in Clifden. Right on the cliffs with an incredible view. The owner is typical Irish, very friendly and helpful. Also the dogs, two collies, are so trusting and accompany you as protectors during the walk over the cliff path. The freshly prepared local food is very tasty. A place to feel good and linger.

What are three of your worst travel moments, and why?

1.Cab driver in Egypt
Unfortunately, it has proven true several times that many cab drivers in Egypt want to rip you off as a tourist. Be it with the wrong change or that they first say they know the destination and then you want to renegotiate because the destination is further away.

If it is possible, I use an app like Uber or Grab.

2. Istanbul Turkey
Here, too, tourists like to be ripped off.
I wanted to be helpful and told a dealer that I had lost something. As a thank you he wanted to clean my shoes. At the end he wanted to have almost 90€ for it. And only after some discussions could be clarified.

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3. India
First of all, India is a great and fascinating country with a lot of culture and very nice people.
What has disturbed me only extremely here or remains very negative in my memory is the garbage on the roads, in the landscape and the rivers.
The cows and monkeys eat through piles of garbage, and children play there.
The feeling here is unfortunately not so great and without these extremely dirty sides, India would still be a much nicer country.

What are three of your best travel tips?

On your own, off into nature if it is possible and reasonably safe
Or private guided tours that are tailored to you. So you can experience that and stay at the places you like and find it beautiful.

Talk to locals
If you need help, tips or just have some time, find nice locals to start a conversation. Even if it doesn’t work out at first with the language, it usually results in a great experience, insider tips or just a good conversation.

Find out in advance about sights, accommodations and transportation
This will save you a lot of time on-site, especially for short trips.

Do you have any favourite cities? 
My favourite city is London. So much to see.
But I like San Francisco, Seattle, Lissabon, Buenos Aires, Capetown, Kathmandu, Gothenburg, Seoul, Rome and La Paz (Bolivia) too.

What are some of the worst places you’ve stayed?
I think Barcelona, Berlin, Athens, the touristic Bali, or some Caribean Islands (Cayman Island, Bahamas) are overrated.

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