Palm Beach Island Resort & Spa, Maldives

Palm Beach Island Resort & Spa is a 137-room resort on a stunning Maldivian island in the Indian Ocean. My two-night stay started with a warm welcome and good talks. It was a pleasure getting to know some of the staff.

I enjoyed this beautiful Palm Beach resort right from the start. Friendly staff and a surprisingly good first meal made this a great experience. I flew to the island with Trans Maldivian Airways. I would like to thank them for the many seaplane adventures in the Maldives. I’ve had some truly fantastic experiences. Their website is

When it comes to food, I have often been disappointing with the quality on many of the Maldivian islands I’ve had the chance to visit. In Palm Beach’s price range I didn’t expect much, but they had great buffets compared to many of the other islands I’ve been. Fresh fish made as you want plus a good selection of food. It’s good to see the extra effort as I wouldn’t like to recommend people booking a week or two on a Maldivian island without proper food.

The rooms at Palm Beach is not the main reason to stay here. They are quite old, but comfortable though. The bathroom had nice sinks and a bathtub. The resort has great facilities such as a spa, pool, fitness centre and tennis court. The top reasons for my recommendation of Palm Beach are the staff and the food. In the Maldives, it’s hard to find a private island resort that has a bad beach, so you need more than that to stand out. Besides the two reasons for the resort itself, it must be the reasonable rates, as islands with similar standards of food might be too expensive for many.

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