The Favourites of Masayo Goto

Dr. Masayo Goto is a Japanese female living in both Sydney and Tokyo. She is a political scientist (PhD degree in International Politics and International Relations), university lecturer, accredited interpreter and translator by the government of Australia, and CEO of Japanese Accredited Interpreter and Translator Pty Ltd. She travelled all 195 countries, as well as the North Pole, the South Pole, the Titanic wreck (went down to 3800m below the sea level to see the Titanic in a submissible), and many other unrecognized independent states, all before the Coronavirus pandemic. She speaks multiple languages and she is the master of Japanese Tea Ceremony and Flower Arrangement.

What are three of your favourite countries, and why?

Iraq (Mesopotamia civilisation)
Iraq is my favourite country because I was fascinated with the Sumerian civilisation. It suddenly appeared as a fully developed society about 4000 BC in the Mesopotamia region situated between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. The civilisation had advanced technology and socio-economic structure, which might have been brought by aliens from the planet Nibiru or mysterious people. There are many biblical references, too. I visited Iraq to find answers to my questions. I waited for this moment for many years until the war was over.

Ur Ziggurat is the largest Sumerian ziggurat built in 2100 BC by king Ur-Nammu. I climbed a huge 93 steps to the top where the shrine was once situated. On the top, I saw nothing but felt divine vibration coming from the sky. I then strolled level 1 and 2 and spotted the original structure. I also visited the Temple and the palace located nearby.  

Uruk Sumerian Ancient City is famous for “The Epic of Gilgamesh.” There is the world’s oldest ziggurat built in 3400 BC, which was the base of the White Temple. There are seven levels, and I had access to Level 4 as the most part is buried. I also visited the Summer Palace and Winter Place. Girsu is the birthplace of urban society, where I saw the oldest bridge still in existence. Shatt Al Arab is located at the confluence of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. There is a park nearby where I saw a huge tree called “Adam Tree.” Could it be the Garden of Eden? The City of Babylon has many famous structures. I saw the temple of Marduk, the Ishtar Gate, and Lion of Babylon as well as the possible sites for Hanging Gardens and Tower of Babel, which is believed to be the shape of ziggurat. It is safe to travel to Iraq now, including Kurdistan. Did I find my answers? Yes, some, but I got more questions than answers. Mystery continues… Her Iraq YouTube video.

Turkey (Mt. Ararat and Noah’s Ark)
Turkey is my favourite country because I am very interested in Mt. Ararat and Noah’s Ark. According to Old Testament Genesis 8:4, Noah’s Ark landed on the “Mountains of Ararat.” Believe it or not, I climbed Mt. Ararat up till the summit in search of Noah’s Ark. First, I stayed at my guide’s family house in search of Noah’s Ark around the altitudes of 3000 meters. My guide provided me with a horse and took me to the site where local people believe that Noah’s Ark is buried under the sand. I paid extra money for this trip. It took me one full day to reach there as we went up and down the mountain. The shape of the sand really looked like a ship, but it looked small from a distance. But I believed that Noah’s Ark was buried there and took many photos and videos. We camped in the mountain at night. Later my guide told me that it was just a local rumour and there was no Noah’s Ark there, so I lost money! I then continue to climb Mt. Ararat with the hope to find even a fragment of Noah’s Ark, which was said to be found in the mountain, but no one knows the exact location. It was difficult to climb as the snow was a high as my knee.

I finally reached the top 5,137 m and celebrated my achievement. After descending the mountain, I was taken to another site called Noah’s Ark National Park, where the entire Noah’s Ark is buried beneath a rocky spot known as the Durupınar. I visited the site and walked the site. It indeed looked like a huge ship. I somehow recognised the bow and stern, but I could not tell the size. There is a small museum in the park where I saw some information displays and got some print materials which really convinced me that Noah’s Ark is buried there. However, no physical evidence has ever been found. My guide took me to the Anchor stone of Noah’s Ark in the Village of Eight. It is about 3.30 meters, and 120 cm is underground. After all, I didn’t know what to believe, so I decided to believe all possibilities.

Ecuador (The Galapagos Islands, especially Espanola Island)
Is there a paradise on earth? Yes, I found a few. One of them is the Galapagos Islands, especially Espanola Island. I spotted pink flamingos and snorkel over beautiful coral gardens on Floreana Island and even swam with sea turtles. I saw sleeping sea lions and took photos alongside them lying on the sand. I attempted to swim with Galapagos penguins, but they were too fast to catch, like a jet plane! On Santa Cruz Island, I took photos with Giant tortoises while cuddling them. I was lucky that there was no one around.

The highlight was Espanola Island, which I initially missed out on. Because my flight to Ecuador was delayed, I could not make the first half-round cruise to visit Espanola Island. During the other half of the cruise, my guide asked a ship nearby to transfer me to the ship to be able to visit Espanola Island. The other ship kindly accepted me, and I changed ships in the middle of the ocean by just crossing over on foot. The moment I stepped in, it was a different world. I saw the largest nesting colony of blue-footed boobies, where I saw the courting dance of blue-footed boobies and the pair of boobies standing side by side. The female boobies laid eggs keeping eggs warm.

Perhaps both parents are taking turns. I saw many chicks hiding under the parent. I took many photos at a close distance and but surprisingly, they were very friendly and posed for the photos. The chick even came out and watched us curiously. That is why I have taken a lot of amazing photos. A colony of Galapagos albatrosses was amazing. The most spectacular moment was when a young albatross began to take off one after another, like the albatross airport. I videotaped the moment of fly and while they are flying gracefully high in the sky. Albatross landed at this airport gracefully. Marine iguanas were rather grotesque, but it is the origin of “Godzilla”. What I saw was a paradise on earth.

What are three of your favourite travel moments, and why?

Titanic wreck (3800 meters below the sea)
It was a moment of great excitement and joy when I saw the Titanic wreck, the real Titanic, lying at the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean 3800 meters below sea level. I am in a Russian submersible which took two hours to touch down the bottom of the ocean right in front of the Titanic bow. The Titanic seemed to have its majesty and beauty still. We then went up to the bow level, where we had a closer look at the Titanic bow. I imprinted the site, which still vividly remains in my memory. I also took a lot of photos and videos. 

As we moved on, I saw huge chains and winches. Then I saw the mast. “Iceberg!” “Iceberg!”. Yes, this was the exact spot where the iceberg was sighted, and the alarm bell echoed. The mast is still lying on its side. We then saw the steering wheel, which was intact and was clearly seen from the view. This is exactly where a crew turned the wheel to the full to desperately avoid the iceberg. After that, we passed through the guest rooms and Captain Smith’s cabin, which was severely damaged. We then saw the Grand Staircase, but it was totally destroyed. After that, we went to the stern of the ship to see the engine and propellers.

It took 30 minutes to get there as the Titanic was split into two. First, we saw the engine still remained in its original form, which was as big as eight stories high and the blow-off valve. We then went to see the propellers. Only two out of three propellers were seen, but the submersible could only approach one of them. We went inside the Titanic, and I saw a huge propeller in the full view with my own eyes. We also saw the bottles, plates, and cups around the ship in perfect condition.

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We then went up the surface. People called me “No.1 Japanese!” as I was the first Japanese to reach the Titanic wreck. I said to everyone, and in my video, ‘I safely came back. It was the most wonderful moment I ever had in my life.” The entire journey took 15 hours, during which I did not go to the toilet. There was a huge surprise after this. I met James Cameron, the director of the film Titanic upon return to the port. Not only did I meet him, but I also took a two-shot photo with him, and I interviewed him as well. This was another moment I will never forget. 

I would like to introduce my poem. Titanic has known to be the ship of the dream, but it is no longer the ship of a dream. It is the ship of adventure. It enables us to explore the deep ocean. Titanic is as beautiful as ever before, and its beauty will never fade away as long as our adventure continues.  

Her YouTube video about Titanic

South Pole
The Twin Otter made a soft landing on the South Pole. I rushed to the South Pole signboard. I saw the description of “Geographic South Pole” and “AMUNDSEN and SCOTT”, the first men to reach the South Pole. There was a pole next to the signboard sticking into the snow. This is the exact location of the South Pole itself. When I stood at the South Pole, I felt tremendous energy coming from the earth axis as if I were pulled by the gravity of the earth or magnet. It was like conquering the entire earth. Standing at the South Pole was the most memorable and unforgettable experience of my life. The sky was Chrystal blue that I had never seen, the air was very fresh and tasty, and the sun was the closest ever that I could even reach with my hand.

The altitude is 3,500 meters, and the air temperature is minus 35 degrees. The South Pole does not have the notion of time and space. It was just a single spot that could be any time of the day. All directions are north, and South does not exist here. On January 7, 2003, I reached the South Pole and became one of the first 500 people who reached the South Pole. I hereby stood at the North Pole and the South Pole, both the top of the earth and the bottom of the earth.

A man standing next to me explained to me, “This is preciously measured current the South Pole. Because the ice shifts and moves, we move the pole every year by 10 meters.” No wonder I saw many poles behind this current pole. He took my photos and videos. “This is the South Pole. I finally made it. Wha……..i.” I then travelled around the world in three seconds by just circling around the pole, “A piece of cake!” I saw the US flag probably because this is managed by the Amundsen-Scott South Pole US Station.

I wanted to take a photo with the Japanese flag, but I did not bring it. He realized I was Japanese. He then took me to the Japanese national flag at the ceremonial pole. The ceremonial pole is surrounded by 12 flags of the original signatory nations of the Antarctic Treaty signed on December 1, 1959. There is the Japanese flag on the South Pole because Japan is one of them. I found the Japanese flag and took a photo with it. I was then taken to South Pole Station. We were welcomed by the director, scientists, one of them who happened to be my guide, and staff from the National Science Foundation. We were given short lectures on glaciology, seismology and tectonics. We were then invited to a guided tour of the station. During the tour, I needed to go to the toilet. Someone took me to the female toilet. I was lucky to visit Club 90 South, the southernmost bar on earth.

Lastly, we were taken to a shop. I bought many souvenirs with a credit card. There is a post office inside the shop. “The post office will close in five minutes. You had better hurry!” Who would be most pleased to receive a card from me sent from the South Pole? I wrote a card, “January 7 2003, Dear Masayo Goto, Masayo Goto has reached the South Pole. My dream has come true. This is the happiest moment of my life. I made it. From Masayo.” I wrote a letter to my future. I was pleased to receive a postcard back home from my past. 

Her two YouTube videos about the South Pole. One and two

North Pole
I went to the North Pole twice in 1996 as a traveller and in 2000 as a guide for Japanese tourists. On both occasions, I was on board the Russian Ice Breaker, “Yamal” (Length 150 meters, beam 30 meters, Propulsion 75,000 horsepower, Speed 22 knots). It took about one week to reach the North Pole. When we reached the North Pole, the ship circled the North Pole three times. Does that mean we made around world trip three times in a few seconds? I walked around the ship to see what the North Pole looked like and remembered it deep inside my heart. This was once-in-a-life-time scenery with a beautiful open sea. I said in my video, “This is the North Pole. I finally reached the North Pole, top of the earth.” The crew successfully managed to park the Yamal nearby. I disembarked on the ice floe, which was as thick as three meters. The surface was rather solid and firm. 

We made a circle and danced around the pole under the national flags. The crew offloaded barbecue, bags of charcoals and many foods and drinks. It was a surreal experience. I took many photos with the red signboard with “North Pole 90N” under the giant teeth painted on the bow. This was one of the most memorable shots of my life. I then went to the icy jump site, not to jump myself, but I had my bathing suit on. One of the jumpers said, “Why don’t you try it yourself?” Everyone looked at me. The pressure surrounded me. My heartbeat started to pump faster and faster. Soon, a lifeline was given to me and placed around my body. It is too late to stop. Jump!

I was sinking in the icy water and saw the beautiful ice formation underneath. I felt nothing but numbness. I thought I was going to sink forever, but the lifeline pulled me up. I used all my remaining energy to go up and reach the surface. It was so cold. The crowd cheered me on. “Yes, I made it!” I felt the sense of achievement for accomplishing something that I had never done in my life before, with some stupidity, though. It was the moment of the crowning glory. I made a great step forward in my life, “self-confidence.” This pool made by the staff is probably the deepest swimming pool in the world with as deep as 4,100 meters of water below us. I made a world record for swimming in the deepest swimming pool in the world. 

I went back to the cabin to take a hot shower and went outside again to explore even more. No animals and no birds live on the North Pole, let alone no polar bears. I felt like I was in a different dimension, being surrounded by the beautiful scenery of ice with no other creatures and no sound. The intercom said it was high time to return to the ship. I fully enjoyed that day and felt like I had spent many days there. I indulged my love for adventure travelling.  

Her two YouTube videos about North Pole. One and two.

What are three of your worst travel moments, and why?

There is a country you don’t want to stay in even one second. No running water, no hot water, no Wifi, No Internet including internet cafe, no mobile phone connection/reception (no incoming and outgoing calls), no hotels (most hotels are closed), no food in the restaurant. I was forced to stay at my guide’s family home. People are saying, “We are very lucky to be in this country.” Although I enjoyed the tour in Massawa with the colourful history of a mix of Italian, Egyptian and Ottoman architecture, I did not want to stay even in one second. In particular, I could not put up with dirty water with dead insects that I had to use to wash my face and body.

The mineral water had a bad taste. Probably it was not pure mineral water. It was also difficult to find mineral water. My flight to the next destination country did not fly due to engine troubles, and I was forced to stay one more day in Eritrea after spending hours at the airport. The airline compensated by providing a free hotel, either with hot water or the internet, not both.

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All passengers demanded both, but we had to choose either. I sacrificed hot water and selected the hotel with the internet in order to contact my travel agency in the next destination country, but the internet was not working. I had no hot water and no internet. Indeed, Eritrea is one of the world’s poorest countries with severe poverty and crimes. I was forced to stay one more night in a country I did not want to stay even one second. Unbearable nasty experience!

The trip to Egypt was more enjoyable if I did not experience the three worst incidents. I visited all famous places, including the Pyramids of Giza, Luxor’s Karnak Temple and the Valley of the Kings, Abu Simbel, Saqqara and even climbed outside of the Pyramid of Menkaure, the smallest of the Pyramids of Giza with my guide nearly to the top. One of the three worst experiences happed inside the Great Pyramid of Khufu. When I went to the entrance, the blackout occurred. Inside the pyramid was pitch black. The pyramid guide said, “I can still take you inside because I have a touch. I know everything inside.” I trusted him and decided to go inside.

It was totally dark to the extent that I could not even see my own fingers. The guide began to ignite the match because the match was the torch for him, not a flashlight. Unbelievable! But I was able to see the way forward with the pale light of the match. All of a sudden, the light was gone. He ran out of the matches. I had to continue to go in total darkness guided by my guide by hand. He told me where to walk one by one. I finally reached the top, the king’s chamber. He had one match left, so I was briefly able to see the king’s chamber where the coffin is located. He then began to touch my shoulders and turned my body towards him.

I began to wonder what was going on. There was no means to escape from him. I prayed God for protection. I soon saw the light and heard the voices. God responded to my prayers. The light came from other tourists who came with a flashlight. They were also talking. He stopped his action, and I was released. I was able to see the room clearly with the flashlight. Of course, I went down with them. My second worst incident is a high fall, yes, from the camel. I was enjoying a camel ride around the pyramids. This was the experience I had hoped for a long time, like Lawrence of Arabia!

The guide was grabbing the reins of the camel, so it was a safe ride until he left me alone. He suddenly left me alone to take a break, and I was still on the camel. Camel began to walk freely and then began to run down the hill. I could not hold on to the camel and fell from it. It was a high fall. I closed my eyes while I was floating in the air until I touched down on the desert sand. My guide rushed to me to save me, but with a laugh. “Why did you fall down,” he said. “Why did you leave me alone with the camel,” I said. He said, “You are telling the camel to run fast with your both legs padding him on the side!” Fortunately, I landed on the soft sand, so I was not injured at all. I asked him to give me the money back, but he only laughed.

The third bad incident happened in my private car from Mt. to Cairo. Mt. Sainai is a splendour with a biblical story. My driver asked me to give a ride to his friend to the next town. I welcomed him, believing that it was a short ride. But the next town was actually Cairo, six hours ride. For six hours, my driver and his friend were constantly talking without stopping in Arabic, which was extremely nuisance. The friend asked me a lot of personal questions. In the end, I gave him a free ride all the way to Cairo. He did not pay me at all, and he even followed me to my hotel. I told the hotel to kick him out!

Nauru is one of the most difficult countries to get a tourist visa. I departed for the Pacific Islands before Nauru without its visa. I expected to get the visa before my departure, but it did not arrive. However, the visa arrived by email one week before my scheduled visit. I was lucky to get the Nauru tourist visa. No wonder the tourist visa is not common because no tourists come to this island country. I booked a hotel with meals because there is no public transport, no taxis, no tours, and no restaurants except at the hotel.

The hotel suggested taking a bus only available on the island for free. So I did. I was taken to the Detention Centre because the bus was for the staff of the Detention Centre. At the last stop, I was questioned why I came. I thought it was a tourist bus. I then returned to my hotel on the same bus. The only option I had was to ask the hotel to give me a tour of the island, so I did. The tour was satisfactory, with beautiful white-sand beaches fringed with palm trees and tropical vegetation. I also visited a rusty Japanese outpost from WWII, Command Ridge, on the island’s highest point. I offered prayers to the Japanese ward, dead souls. Nauru is certainly not a country for tourism.

What are three of your best travel tips? 

Somalia (Mogadishu)
Is it possible to travel to Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, instead of Somaliland which is often listed as Somalia on the world travel list? One may say I have been to Somalia by just visiting Somaliland, but it may be regarded as a coward, may not be regarded as a true and authentic traveller because a traveller like me visited Somalia proper (Mogadishu). True world traveller should visit the capital, or major city of the country to justifiably say that I have been to the country, not one of the islands or small territories of the country, such as Macau for China, Hawaii for the US. Somalia is a very dangerous country for reasons such as terrorism, kidnappings and other types of violent crime. Visiting Somalia can end in you getting seriously hurt or killed. Governments in many countries have even issued warnings against travelling to this country. I visited Mogadishu alone on a privately organised tour with a local travel agency. How did I find it while there is no tourism there? I spent a couple of years finding a local travel agency with no vein because I was searching the wrong place, only a website. I changed my strategy and attempted to look for it on Facebook. Bingo! I found it and the response was quick. “Visit Mogadishu” replied me and gave me a full explanation of how to visit Mogadishu. The work visa is issued by email to work for the tourist company as there is no tourist visa in this country. A car and a guide are organised, but three military guards with rifles must be hired during the tour with my money. I was advised to visit a few months after a major terrorist attack as the same major attack would not occur so soon. 

The travel agency organised a private tour for me after a major terrorist attack on the 14th of October 2017 with two truck bombings in Mogadishu killing and injuring nearly 1,000 people. Military guards must be hired by the hotel I stay so that they will not betray me and sell me as a slave. The hotel must be bombed with casualties once to be safe because the terrorists do not attack the same hotel again. Meals must be taken at the hotel I stay.  Tour must end before dark. The hotel including in front of my room, corridor, reception, parking and outside is guarded by the military with rifles throughout the night, so it is safe to stay.  I accepted all and became the first single foreign woman to successfully visit Mogadishu. I visited the historical Mogadishu lighthouse, the Indian Ocean, Unknown soldier memorial tower, Lid beach and had close contact with local people who are very friendly. I faced no danger at all. Indeed, Mogadishu is possible to travel without danger. 

Her YouTube video about Somalia

North Korea
Is it possible to travel to North Korea?  Yes, it is possible if you join a group tour. I found a travel agency run by North Koreans in Tokyo, Japan.  They organised a tour to see Arirang Mass games or mass gymnastics in a form of performing arts and gymnastics participated by 10,000 local dancers/gymnasts. The travel agency arranged a group tourist visa, hotel, meals and various tours for one week with a charted flight from Northeast Japan to Vladivostok and to Pyongyang and back to Japan in the same air route. Or it may still be possible to enter North Korea from China but the question remains how to get a tourist visa for North Korea. One of the most exciting visits is the Military Demarcation Line (MDL) or Panmunjom between North Korea and South Korea. I even crossed the border to South Korea and back to North Korea while taking photos and videos. No restrictions of photography whatsoever. Surprisingly, North Korea is an open country. I also visited Mansu Hill Grand Monument, Kaesong, capital of Koryo, Tower of the Juche Idea including the top 150 meters high for a panoramic view of Pyongyang, the Arch of the Triumph, Monument of fallen soldiers and many more. It is free to go out except at night when a local guide is required. I together with other tourists hired our guide to see the night view of Pyongyang. It was free to walk around with our guide. People are friendly and food is delicious, and the country is clean and safe. Overall, I did not come across any danger or any restrictions during the visit, which is good to know for tourists. 

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Her YouTube video about North Korea. One and two.

Equatorial Guinea
My efforts to get a tourist visa by myself and to find a local travel agency to get a tourist visa and organise a tour in Equatorial Guinea have never been successful. I finally came to the conclusion that there is no tourism, no tourist visa, so there is no travel agency. My last resort was to ask a travel agency in a country close to Equatorial Guinea to get a tourist visa and organise a tour for me.  I asked a travel agency in Cameroon who organised my tour in Cameroon and introduced a guide in Central Africa to do this most difficult job.  Indeed it was very difficult to get a tourist visa because the visa is issued only to a group of tourists, not an individual tourist. Furthermore, since Malabo, the capital of Equatorial Guinea, is on the island off the African continent, it is impossible to cross the border by land. The flight time is only 30 minutes.  No ferry option. I booked my flight from Douala International Airport to Malabo Airport and asked the travel agency to organise the rest for me.  He did it!  I asked the right person to do the job.  He always organises a tourist visa and a tour for Equatorial Guinea departing from Cameroon. He knows a local travel agency there.  He told me that I was extremely lucky because he organised a flight and tour for a group of Japanese tourists from Japan and included flights which are exactly the same date and flight that I booked in Australia. He put my name on the group tour list but separate tour and hotel. He already informed the Japanese tour leader that I would join them to enter Equatorial Guinea as a group of Japanese tourists.  Indeed, I was extremely lucky and I was destined to visit Equatorial Guinea. When I arrived at Douala International Airport, I found the tour leader who was already well informed about me. However, she warned me “We could not make it last year. We were not allowed to enter with our tourist visas. We stayed overnight at the airport and went to the next destination the next day. When we arrived, we were able to enter Equatorial Guinea as state guests.  The local travel agency said, “We made a fatal mistake last year, so the Japanese tourists could not enter our country.  But we learned a lot since then. The best way to enter the country is not really as a tourist, but as a state guest.”  “What’s that supposed to mean?” I had a wonderful private tour in Malabo and visited Catedral de Santa Isabel, La Casa Verde and many more but surprisingly no equator in the country. I bought a beautiful local dress in green colour but it was very expensive 250 euro. The food was also good.

Do you have any favourite hotels or restaurants?


Afghanistan: Park house (Kabul), Zohak hotel (Bamiyan), Spinghar Hotel (Jalalabad)

Albania: Hotel Lovcen (Podgorica)

Algeria: Hotel ST central Algiers (Algiers), hotel Hazem Batna ( Batna)

Armenia: Yerevan hotel Hrazdan (Yerevan)

Australia: Shangri-La(Sydney)

Azerbaijan: Central Park Hotel (Baku)

Bahamas: Bell Channel Inn

Bangladesh: Asia Pacific Hotel (Dhaka,

Belize: Black Rock Lodge (San Ignacio), Tides Beach Hotel (San Pedro) 

Bhutan: Amodhara (Thimphu), Puna Tsangchu (Punakha), Metta Resort (Paro), Punatsangchu hotel (Thimphu)

Bissau: Hotel Diarama


Bulgaria: Hotel Niky

Burundi: Safari Gate Hotel

Cambodia: Paradise Hotel

Cameroon: Hotel Vallee des Princes (Douala)


Cape Verde: Praiano Aparr Hotel

Chad: Ibis Hotel (Ndjamena)

Colombia: Holiday Inn Express Bogota (Bogota), Holiday Inn Cartagena morros (Cartagena) 

Costa Rica: Hotel Los Pinos (Monteverde) Hotel Fortne Inn (La Fortuna)

Croatia: Hotel Laguna (Zagreb)

Denmark: Wakeup Copenhagen

Djibouti: Lagon Bleu

Equatorial Guinea: Bahia Hotel (Malabo)

Ethiopia: Caravan Hotel, Berana Hote

Fiji: Garden Island Hotel (Taveuni)

Gambia: Gambia Wassu Banboun Campt

Georgia: Tbilisi hotel Sharden (Tbilisi)

Greenland: Hotel Hvide Falk (Ilulissat)

Guyana: Millenium Manor Hotel (Georgetown)

Iceland: Hotel Gullfoss

Iraq: Minawi Basha hotel(Basra), CUDIA HOTEL(Nasiriya), BARADA HOTEL(Najaf), THE BAROON HOTEL (Karbala), PALESTINE HOTEL (Baghdad) 

Japan: Takayama Green Hotel (Takayama), Keio Plaza Hotel (Tokyo)


Kiribati: The George Hotel

Lesotho: Malealea Ensuite Rondavels and Rooms 

Liberia: City Hotel Monrovia

Luxembourg: Grand Hotel Cravat

Macedonia: Hotel Ambasador (Skopje)


Moldova: Codru Hotel 

Montenegro: Hotel Kastel (Split)

Mozambique: Mozaika Guesthouse 

Nairobi: Arusha Tourist Inn Hotel (Arusha)

Namibia: Namib Naukluft Lodge

Nauru: Hottel Nauru

Nepal: Hotel Siddhartha (Lumbini)


Nicaragua: Hotel Los Balcones (Leon)

Niue: Scenic Matavai Resort

Pakistan: Sheraton Hotel (Karachi), PTDC Motel (Mohenjodaro), Pak hotel (Sakkur), Grand hotel (Taxila)

Panama: Country Inn & Suites (Panama City)

Papua New Guinea: Tawali resort (Tawali,

Romania: Hotels in Sighisoara

Senegal: Hotel Al Baraka (Dakar), Hotel la Residence (Saint Louis), Hotel le Relais (Kaolack), Hotel le Firdou (Kolda)

Servia: Hotel Royal (Belgrade)

Sierra Leone: Radisson Blu Mammy Yoko Hotel (Freetown)

Solomon Islands: Solomon Kitano Mendana Hotel

Somalia: Hotel Sahafi International (Mogadishu)

Somaliland: Damal Hotel


St. Vincent: Faireview Guest House

Sudan: Ewa Hotwl (Khartoum)

Switzerland: Walhalla guest house (Zurich)

Tahiti: Manava Suite Resort

Taiwa: Cosmos Hotel

Tajikistan: Hotel Tajikistan

Turks Caicos: The Lodgings



Western Sahara: Imperial Playa (Dakhla)

Yemen: BMC hotel (Seiyun)


Sudan: Alhosh restaurant 

USA: Lawry’s The Prime Rib

Australia: Doyles seafood restaurant

Poland: Restauracja Kmicic

Luxembourg: Oberweis 

Iraq: Ashtar Sweets and Coffee Shop


Switzerland:  Confiserie Honold Tea Room

Cock Island: Te Vara-Nui Village

Do you have any favourite cities?





Panama City



San Francisco

Buenos Ares









Leptis Magna

What are some of the worst places you’ve stayed?

All hotels in Eritrea

All hotels in West Africa without hot water (Hot water is included in the hotel cost but out of hot water)

What is another good travel story you haven’t mentioned so far?

Madagascar is the best country to see a unique nature and unique and adorable animals known as lemur.  Her YouTube movie

Mt. Everest Base Camp Trekking or the Kalapattar (5555 m)
You should try to reach Mt. Everest Base Camp or the Kalapattar if you think you are an adventurer. Her YouTube movie.

South Pacific Islands: Scuba diving & Journey of the memorial of war dead
Scuba diving paradise and sad memories of WWII in one region. Her YouTube movie.

Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant and the GHOST TOWN of Pripyat
You should visit Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant and Pripyat if you really care for the environment and the earth. Her YouTube movie.

If you want to experience a very close encounter with a giant manta (6 meters) and whales, you should dive in the Maladies. Her YouTube movie.

Additional favourites

If you can only choose one:

Favourite airline: Qatar, ANA, Emirates

Favourite airport: Sydney, Haneda, Heathrow, Johannesburg

Favourite city: Geneva, Sydney, Tokyo, Ilulissat (Greenland), Warsaw

Favourite island:  Madagascar, Galapagos, Nauru, Comoros

Favourite people: Anyone who can take me to a sweet shop

Favourite small town: Any small old city

Favourite travel book: Lonely Planet

Favourite travel movie: March of the Penguins (La Marche de l’empereur) (2005) and Everest (2015)

Favourite travel website:

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