InterContinental Nairobi

Stay in the past. This hotel might no longer operate.

Introduction: The InterContinental Nairobi was located at City Hall Way and offered a great blend of modern elegance and Kenyan culture, which made it an ideal choice for both business and leisure travellers.

My arrival experience: One of the most impressive details in my travels. I received the room card as soon as I arrived in the hotel car at the airport. I could walk straight to my room upon arrival.
What about the food: I had a vegetarian pasta before leaving for the airport. It was nothing special, but a fine and tasteful meal.
What about the service: The service impressed me. It was better than expected. Attention to details and professional service from all staff. Fully up to InterContinental standards.
What about the rooms: This is where the hotel might not be up to InterContinental standards. The rooms might be considered a bit outdated and in need of an update. The bed was comfortable, but the design could be improved. The shower area could be improved. The shower is located within the bathtub. A separate shower, if renovated, could improve the room’s impression.
Number of rooms: 371.
Type of property: City hotel.
Location: Nairobi, Kenya.
Facilities: Pool, gym and business/meeting facilities.
Complimentary internet: Yes, and fast enough for calls. It was not the case at my previous InterContinental hotel in Lagos.
My overall impression: It was a good experience. With an update, the hotel would be up to InterContinental’s standards. The staff and service are great.

For transport in Nairobi, I highly recommend Uber.

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