Epic Sana Luanda Hotel

Introduction: Epic Sana Luanda Hotel is a premier luxury hotel located in the heart of Luanda, Angola. It offers 238 modern rooms, including suites and apartments. Guests can enjoy diverse dining options, a wellness spa, a fitness centre, and an outdoor pool. The hotel also features extensive conference and event facilities, making it ideal for both business and leisure travellers.
My arrival experience: Slow check-in due to the system being down, but the English-speaking receptionist handled the situation well. He told me; we could do the check-in later, and he escorted me to the room.
What I liked: To find this level of a hotel in Angola.
What about the food: Impressive lunch buffet with high quality local and imported items. Much better food than I expected a top hotel to be able to in a country like Angola.
What about the service: It is Luanda, not London, and you can’t expect things to work perfectly, but they do a good job. The friendly, English-speaking staff at the front desk makes a difference.
What about the rooms: Beautiful, comfortable rooms. My room had a comfortable bed, working desk, separate sitting area, flatscreen TV, a standalone shower, and Aromatherapy Associates in the bathroom.
Number of rooms: 288.
Website: www.luanda.epic.sanahotels.com
Type of property: City hotel.
Location: Luanda, Angola.
Facilities: Spa, gym, pool and business/meeting facilities.
Complimentary internet: Yes.
My overall impression: Great experience. It’s expensive, but you get a high level of comfort, food and service and I think more than most would expect in a country like Angola.

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