Hotel Thinggaard – The Best Hotel in Thy

I’ve been surprised many times in my travels and recently got a big surprise again. Hotel Thinggaard in Hurup, Thy. Thy is the area of Denmark where I was born and grew up, but I had never visited Hotel Thinggaard until recently before publishing this article for the first time.

The room was comfortable with fast complimentary Wi-Fi, TV, bed and standalone shower. The room also had a fridge with complimentary water and was located in a separate building just next to the main.

Although the room is comfortable, it is not the reason why I would consider Hotel Thinggaard, a destination hotel. It is the dining experience that is delivered on a level comparable with some of the Michelin restaurants I’ve experienced in my travels. The menu offers a choice of up to 5 courses. I had two on the first evening and five on the second evening. Don’t worry about only selecting two as the main course came with a lot of potatoes making it highly unlikely you will leave the table hungry as it can occur at some gourmet restaurants.

The restaurant also has a cheaper dining option called Dish of the Day, which Michael, the owner explained are different kinds of food than on the gourmet menu and mentioned Wienerschnitzel and roasted pork as examples.

The service was kind and professional, and the attention to detail was unlike anywhere in or near Thy I have ever been. Different kinds of butter, and bread, an impressive menu that changes often and all at a reasonable price for this level of gourmet food. The sauce on the main courses was like travelling back to some of the incredible restaurants I’ve experienced in France.

Hotel Thinggard’s concept could be a good addition to Relais & Châteaux, a famous French marketing organisation with more than 500 hotels that have high-quality of food as a big part of the experience. My stay at Hotel Thinggard ended with a good breakfast. They do better breakfast buffets than some of the 5-star hotels I’ve stayed and it yet again tells me stars don’t really matter. In many countries, stars are given based on facilities instead of the things that really matter when it comes to hotel experiences.

Things to Do
Although I consider Hotel Thinggaard a destination and an experience in itself because of its dining experience, there are a lot of other things you can do during your stay in Thy. Just next to Hotel Thinggaard is Sydthy Kurbad, where I enjoyed a visit on an afternoon. The first national park of Denmark, Thy National Park, is a just short drive away and well worth a visit.

Hotel Thinggaard is obviously the best hotel I have visited in Thy. While some might match the quality of the room, I would be surprised if any hotel in Thy could match the gourmet dining experience with excellent food, service and attention to detail.

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