Plant – Cape Town’s Vegan Restaurant

During my time in Cape Town, I ate a number of times at Plant – Cape Town’s Vegan Restaurant and enjoyed healthy food at reasonable prices. In a meat-based city, it is great to see something completely different. I gave up eating meat last year, and I try to eat as healthy as I can. In my travels, it is not always easy. I have often just had to eat fruits often got boring. Plant has a big menu where everything – as the name indicates – is plant-based, tasty and healthy. There are also some gluten-free options on the menu.

What I found most interesting about eating at Plant is how good plant-based food can taste when you take the necessary time. Plant strive to be organic and GMO-free, but they, unfortunately, can’t guarantee it. Finding organic produce in South Africa is difficult and one of the downsides of living there. We don’t know the exact long-term side effects of GMOs and it is a shame South Africa allows it, despite being banned in many countries around the world.

Being vegan in Cape Town is not as easy as other places. Adien Aggenbach, the owner of Plant, saw the need for a vegan restaurant after experiencing how easy it is to be vegan in cities like Los Angeles. Cape Town has a long way to go, but a trend has started, and Plant surely makes a big difference.

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