Hotel de Sterrenberg, Otterlo

Photo: Hotel de Sterrenberg

Hotel de Sterrenberg is a luxurious retreat located near the Hoge Veluwe National Park in the Netherlands. Renowned for its eco-friendly design and serene ambience, the hotel offers modern amenities and a relaxing atmosphere.

In April 2024, I went back to the Netherlands and spent a night at Hotel de Sterrenberg and it impressed me. The first impressions told me the hotel is very clean and organised. I arrived at the room, which was beautifully designed, clean and comfortable, with a great bed and high-quality shower. I arrived late and didn’t try their gourmet restaurant, but that is another reason to consider this hotel. However, I did go to the wellness facilities, which included a pool, sauna, and fitness centre. It had world-class facilities of high quality. Definitely very impressive and a big reason for considering this hotel.

The hotel is located close to Hoge Veluwe National Park, making it an ideal hotel for deep relaxation. It has a comfortable room, gourmet food, world-class spa wellness facilities and stunning nature nearby. The park offers the possibility of hiking, cycling and wildlife spotting. Another plus is that the hotel offers a la carte breakfast.

Hotel de Sterrenberg combines comfort, sustainability, and natural beauty, providing a very impressive escape for relaxation and nature experiences. I highly recommend it for any kind of purpose, whether it’s a quick getaway or a longer holiday.

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