Grand Hotel Djibloho

Located in the heart of the beautiful Equatorial Forest, Grand Hotel Djibloho is a stunning hotel in a remote location. Surrounded by green hills and the winding Mbini River, it is in Djibloho, the future capital of Equatorial Guinea, and is only around 20 km from the new airport in Mongomeyen.

My arrival experience: Warm welcome from the General Manager, Vincenzo Presti, before I was escorted to the room.
What I liked: The remote location and the world-class facilities.
What about the food: They have hired an Italian chef, and the food is acceptable for a remote place in Africa. However, the main issue is the lack of fresh produce in a remote location.
What about the service? It is much better than you would expect in Equatorial Guinea. It is not like staying in a hotel a leading hotel in London or New York, but the service is good, which mainly is possible because of experienced foreign staff in the key positions.
What about the rooms: Comfortable bed, rain shower, bathtub, working desk and flat-screen TV.
Number of rooms: 452.
Type of property: Right now, it is a jungle hotel, but it will be a city hotel when the new capital is built.
Location: Djibloho, Equatorial Guinea.
Facilities: Spa, gym, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, and business/meeting facilities.
Complimentary internet? Yes, but a speed test showed the complimentary internet was 0.01 Mbps, which you can only use for things like What’s App or a basic text-based e-mail. They charge for high-speed internet.
Affiliations: None, but it would be a perfect fit for The Leading Hotels of the World.
My overall impression: Great+ experience. A unique experience that stands out as one of the most memorable long after my stay.

Cronos Airlines sponsored me a one-way ticket from Malabo to Bata, where Grand Hotel Djibloho picked me up. A short, comfortable flight on an airline I would recommend.


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