Elite Residences, Eden Island

One of the best places you can book on Airbnb is the Seychelles, as of 2017, in my opinion.

Elite Residences is a beautiful villa on Eden Island in the Seychelles that offers luxurious accommodations with stunning marina views and private beaches. These upscale residences feature modern amenities, private pools, and easy access to recreational activities like yachting and fishing. Located near Mahé, residents enjoy a blend of exclusivity and convenience, with shops, restaurants, and vibrant nightlife just a short distance away.

The Seychelles is a very expensive destination, but with Elite Residences, you can experience 5-star accommodation for eight people for the cost of two. Renting the villa will cost around the same as a hotel room at a great 5-star resort.

Here, you get a kitchen, three bedrooms, a living room area, a flat-screen TV, beautiful bathrooms and complimentary internet. The speed is slow, but at least it is unlimited. Eating out in the Seychelles is very expensive, and eight people can save a lot by shopping at a local supermarket instead of dining at restaurants. I enjoyed my two nights at Elite Residences. It was the best Airbnb place I stayed during my recent three-week trip to the Seychelles.

Link to the property on Airbnb

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