Collaboration: Air Austral

Air Austral is a French airline based in Réunion, an island in the Indian Ocean. Established in 1974, it operates both regional and long-haul flights, connecting Réunion with destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Indian Ocean region.

The airline’s hub is Roland Garros Airport in Saint-Denis. Known for its commitment to quality service, Air Austral provides a range of travel classes and amenities to cater to diverse passenger needs. It plays a crucial role in linking Réunion to the world, supporting tourism and commerce. The airline continues to expand its fleet and routes, enhancing its global presence.

I flew with Air Austral from Paris to Reunion and then to Mauritius. I enjoyed both flights, especially the long-haul Paris flight, which had excellent food compared to other airlines and great comfort in economy class.

I thank Air Austral for being part of my travel project and making a difference.

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