Collaboration: BMI Regional

BMI Regional, established in 1987 as Business Air, was a British airline headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland. It operated short-haul flights across the UK and Europe, emphasizing regional connectivity. Known for its punctuality and high-quality service, BMI Regional served key destinations such as Brussels, Frankfurt, and Milan, catering primarily to business travellers.

The airline’s fleet consisted mainly of Embraer jets. Despite its strong reputation, BMI Regional faced financial challenges and market pressures. In February 2019, the airline ceased operations and entered administration, marking the end of over three decades of service in the regional aviation sector.

I collaborated with BMI Regional years back. I was impressed with excellent customer service, great service onboard and, most importantly, good comfort. BMI Regional sponsored my flights Hamburg-Bristol, Bristol-Aberdeen and Aberdeen-Esbjerg.

Three notes on the airline from years back when I wrote about it:

1. BMI Regional has the best on time performance of all UK-based airlines with more than 90% of all flights arriving on time.

2. BMI Regional has a very interesting in-flight magazine with great destination guides.

3. BMI Regional offers complimentary snacks and drinks to all passengers.

Read more about that in the future on their website below where you also can check out their interesting route map. I thank BMI Regional for being part of my travel project.

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