Unique by ATLANTIC Hotels Kiel

Photo: ATLANTIC Hotels.

I recently had the pleasure of staying at the Unique by Atlantic Hotel Kiel during a short trip to the German city of Kiel, where I am doing medical treatments. Located close to the Baltic Sea, this 4-star hotel offered a comfortable hotel experience in a convenient location close to the main station of Kiel. Atlantic Hotels is a hotel chain founded in 1999 by two brothers and even though I’ve stayed at over 1,500 hotels, this was my first experience with the brand.

Upon entering the hotel, the receptionist was helpful at the check-in and showed me a nice room. The room I stayed in was spacious, elegantly modernly designed with a comfortable bed, impressive shower, free Wi-Fi and a TV. Despite its central location, the noise level was much lower than expected. The hotel has done a good job with the sound isolation which is often not the case staying at hotels.

What impressed me the most about Unique by Atlantic was the comfort level of the rooms, comparable to a good Marriott or Hilton hotel. I have often preferred staying at a chain hotel in my travels as you can count on higher standards whether its service, design, housekeeping and room features, and Unique by Atlantic is no exception. The Stop the water while using me-products in the bathrooms are some of the best of any chain hotel in the world in my opinion and a pleasure to enjoy while showering.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning the stunning modern lobby with artwork where you can sit down and work on a laptop or you can go to the Café RESTEZ!unique to enjoy breakfast or lunch. They open at 6:30 or 7 AM in the morning, depending on the day and close at 6 PM every evening. Price-wise, rooms are starting at 89 Euros which is excellent value for a hotel of this quality. This a highly recommended hotel experience for a visit to Kiel if you value comfort and location.

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