Quick Cleanses by Dr. Hulda Clark

Since June 2019, I’ve consulted with 50 specialists because of health issues. In 2023, a German specialist in Denmark found that my liver was full of gallstones. After almost a year of various treatments, I decided to try Dr. Hulda Clark’s famous liver flush. The process involves using olive oil and Epsom salt to supposedly flush gallstones from the liver.

To prepare my body, I ordered some products from the Dr. Hulda Clark Store in America called Quick Cleanses. The guidelines provided were easy to follow. The store offers a variety of products, but I specifically chose Quick Cleanses to quickly prepare my body for the liver flush. The simplicity of just taking pills appealed to me, especially when compared to some of the complicated protocols and cleanses available online.

I recently did my first liver flush and doing quick cleanes beforehand might have improved the result. It’s definitely recommended to do this before doing a liver flush as well as doing colon hydrotherapy before and after, which I travelled to Germany for. I look forward to the next liver flush and thank Dr. Clark’s store for the excellent products.

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