Kragerup Gods – A Stunning Property in the Danish Countryside

Kragerup Gods is a Danish country hotel set in beautiful surroundings set north of Slagelse on Zealand, just under 100 kilometres from Copenhagen. Kragerup Gods is a Green Key CO-2 neutral estate with 57 rooms. Since I completed the last country in 2016, I have experienced a lot of my country, and although we are a small country, we have a lot to offer. I especially enjoy our stunning nature, whether it is World Heritage Sites, national parks, castle or estates like Kragerup Gods.

Denmark is a big meat-consuming country, and it’s often a problem to find good vegetarian food in the countryside. Kragerup Gods impressed me with good quality and creative vegetarian dinner with the main course being Chilli marinated Tempeh, baked eggplant and a lovely mushroom sauce.

When it comes to service D’Angleterre, Nimb and Falsled Kro are by far the best properties I have stayed in Denmark, and although Kragerup Gods is not in this category, it is delivering a great experience because of its beautiful surroundings, food and comfortable rooms. The breakfast buffet is acceptable and similar to other 3-star and 4-star hotels in Denmark. What I liked most about Kragerup Gods were the beautiful surroundings. It’s a romantic place to have a few relaxing days with your family.

Kragerup Gods can also be a solution for an adventurous holiday as they have an adventure park with several activities. Finally, I would like to mention the comfortable room with a nice bed, wooden floor, jacuzzi, high-quality Ilse Jacobsen amenities and very fast internet connection. Overall a really nice place to stay in the Danish countryside.

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