Interrail – A Unique Travel Experience

Hanover, one of the new cities I visited on my Interrail journey

Interrail is a European train travel pass that allows travellers to explore multiple countries in Europe by train using a single ticket. It is primarily designed for European residents, although there is a similar pass called the Eurail Pass for non-European residents. Interrail provides a flexible and convenient way for travellers to experience the diversity of cultures and landscapes that Europe has to offer.

Key features of Interrail include:

  1. Multiple Pass Options: Interrail offers a range of pass options, including those for specific countries, regions, or the entire European rail network. Travellers can choose the pass that best suits their travel plans.
  2. Flexible Travel: With an Interrail pass, travellers have the flexibility to hop on and off trains within the validity period of their pass. This means you can explore different cities and countries at your own pace.
  3. Extensive Rail Network: Interrail passes cover most of the European rail network, including high-speed trains, regional trains, and even some ferry routes, making it possible to reach a wide range of destinations.
  4. Various Pass Durations: Passes are available for different durations, typically ranging from a few days to several weeks, allowing travellers to tailor their trip to their needs.
  5. Cost Savings: Interrail passes can offer cost savings compared to purchasing individual train tickets, especially for those planning to travel extensively within Europe.
  6. Cultural Experience: Traveling by train allows you to enjoy the scenic beauty of Europe and immerse yourself in the local culture, as train stations are often conveniently located in city centres.
  7. Youth Discounts: Interrail passes often offer discounts for travellers under a certain age, making it a popular choice for young backpackers and students.
  8. Reservations: While some trains do not require reservations, others may, especially during peak travel times or for high-speed trains. It’s important to check the specific requirements for each train journey when planning your trip.

In my travels, I have travelled hundreds if not thousands of times on public transportation and I have unfortunately experienced stress a number of times due to various reasons involved with public transportation. One of the things is getting a ticket in time. It can be a stress factor with long lines, not sure what kind of ticket to buy and worried about the consequences if missing a bus or train. With that in mind it is maybe a bit embarrassing that I only experienced Interrail for the first time after having completed the project of visiting every country in the world because after trying it, I would definitely have liked to experience it earlier.

Railplanner App
Interrail passes of various types can be bought online and then it is simple to just download the Railplanner app to plan your travels. I was very impressed with the freedom and flexibility of just being able to get on a train without having to buy a ticket in advance as the pass already gave me access to the train.

First-class value
My pass was a first-class pass which was the first time I experienced first class, except a time when I was younger when I thought I was in the second class, but was told by a conductor that I was in the first class. The first class benefits various in different countries. In Denmark, the journey started with free water and the possibility of snacks. In Germany, I was offered a chocolate later on in the trip.

My trip started in Denmark on DSB from Hobro Station and the first hotel was ONNO Hotel in Rendsburg, Germany, a modern boutique hotel with a high score. A city I had never visited before despite being close to Denmark. In the rest of the trip, I visited several destinations in Germany and Sczetin in Poland, a historic city that used to be part of Germany.

An interrail pass with unlimited travel for 30 days can be excellent value, especially depending on the countries you will be travelling to and the amount of train travel you will do. The best value countries would probably be Switzerland, Norway and the UK as they have very expensive train bookings on the day or even a few days in advance.

One of the things I don’t like about travelling is uncertainty, where plans often change due to a number of factors. I remember in the past that I missed a train connection due to a delay and I lined up to wait to talk to a representative of the company to try and try and convince her to get me on a faster train to arrive at the time of the ticket I had bought. That didn’t work and I had to wait for the slower train and arrive later than expected.

One of the downsides of just buying a one-way ticket is if you miss a train due to incorrect information. For example misunderstand of platform, then you simply just lose your ticket in many cases. With the interrail pass you can just jump on another train without having to contact anyone.

If I had to travel all over again, I would definitely have bought a 3 months first-class interrail pass. It’s really excellent value, especially if you like exploring a lot and travelling at a fast pace to see many different destinations in a short time frame. Even if you are on holiday and travel slowly, and an interrail pass would be slightly more expensive than buying separate tickets, I would recommend paying a little extra to take away some of the potential stress of travel.

Interrail passes are available at – Eurail Passes for non-European residents is available at

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