B-qubig: Exclusive Discount

Photo and copyright “CC-BY-ND Mandy Glowna”.

I would estimate to have stayed at over 2,000 different properties throughout my life of which most are hotels. One of the most exciting things I have discovered through life is how little stuff and how little space is needed for a comfortable living.  Through Airbnb, I have rented tiny houses a number of times and experienced the benefits of just living in a small amount of space. Something I’ve been used to in hotel rooms, and something I appreciate. I am a minimalist and I don’t need much space so why have it? Many people believe happiness is not found in the things we buy, at least not long term.

B-qubig is a German tiny house company that focuses on creating and promoting tiny houses as a sustainable and minimalist living solution. This initiative is a part of the growing global movement towards downsized, eco-friendly living spaces. On B-qubig.de you can check out their company and stunning tiny houses. The company is verified with a 5-star ranking by Tiny Living Alliance.

Exclusive discount: 5% off  B-qubig tiny houses

When making a request or order, use the code EC5 to get 5% off a B-qubig tiny house.

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