What Is the Best Island in Denmark?

I have visited more than 50 islands in Denmark. We have approximately 78 inhabited islands and more than 400 named islands in total. Here are three of my favourites.

Number one: Bornholm
Bornholm was voted number two best island in Europe by the readers of Condé Nast Traveller in 2019. An impressive recognition from the readers of one of the largest travel magazines in the world. So what makes Bornholm such a special island? I think it’s not limited to one specific thing, but nature is the main reason to visit the island, in my opinion. I enjoyed a long walk near Hammershus, Scandinavia’s largest medieval fortification, which is probably the island’s biggest attraction.

Christiansø is a smaller island close to Bornholm that is ideal for visiting on a day trip, as I did years ago on a school trip. This time I had the pleasure of visiting a local church, where I was invited for lunch afterwards. Food is another big reason to visit Bornholm, and there is something for different budgets, from a Michelin-starred restaurant with a focus on local ingredients to cheaper traditional restaurants. Before my trip to Bornholm, I had already enjoyed Svaneke Is several times, and I decided to visit their small ice cream café to taste some of the best ice creams we have in Denmark. Lovely and highly recommended. I would like to visit Bornholm again in the future and explore more of the great local food.

There are a number of great hotels on the island, with Fredensborg Badehotel probably being the best. I selected it for my two-night stay, and it was a great decision. The hotel exceeded my expectations with friendly service, a beautiful contemporary room, a very comfortable bed, and an impressive breakfast buffet, including several organic products. For more information about Bornholm, you can visit Bornholm.info

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Number two: Anholt
Anholt is located in Kattegat between Sweden and Denmark, reachable by a ferry from Grenaa or by plane from Roskilde. It is actually closer to Sweden than Denmark, and the ferry journey might not be the most comfortable, and it has a journey time of around 3 hours each way, but a very special island awaits. Anholt is home to around 150 inhabitants. I really enjoyed my visit off-season. It was very quiet, the people were friendly, and nature was absolutely stunning, with one of the best beaches in Denmark. You might read that Anholt has a desert, but it’s not a real one, but experiencing the big sand area of Anholt is an experience as well. An absolute pleasure to visit this small island and my favourite of the small islands of Denmark.

Number three: Æbelø
Æbelø is an uninhabited island north of Funen. It’s a lovely adventure to do and a unique experience as you can walk to the island by following signs in the water. I thought it was a very special experience when I visited in 2022, and I would rank it among my favourite islands in Denmark.

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