How to Save Money on Long-term Rental on Airbnb?

Airbnb has really opened new possibilities to the way I live and travel. First and foremost, just like on Couchsurfing, it’s a good idea to spend time setting up a good-looking profile and checking the feedback of other people who have stayed at the places of which you are interested. In comparison with Couchsurfing, on Airbnb, you can see a lot of information about the places, and have a much better idea about what it will be like. I like spending time checking out potential new places to stay.

For me, Airbnb has changed the way I live as I have been able to negotiate great prices on long-term rent. It is not obvious on Airbnb, but you can click “Contact host” and write to the host without actually booking. It is an opportunity to introduce yourself, explain your situation and ask if they would be interested in renting out their place long-term at a better rate. I have several times been able to stay at places that would have been way over my budget.

Another tip is to write if it would be possible to see the place first, which allows you to make a good first impression and increase the likelihood that they would be interested in renting out for a longer period at a much lower rate. There are many benefits to this when it comes to travel. The possibility to stay in places for at least a month, get the opportunity to experience and understand the destinations you visit a lot better.

For long-term rent, many would think one has to pay a deposit and probably invest in furniture, but with Airbnb, almost all places already have that, and you can avoid the expensive deposit the housing companies usually require. I am a minimalist and with Airbnb, I can easily move in and out of places. On Airbnb, you can see the availability calendar for all the places, and getting a huge discount is a lot more likely out of season. For example, in Denmark, the big tourist season is the three summer months, while many of the places in summer destinations have a lot of availability for the rest of the year which is an excellent opportunity to get a really low rate. In a country like Denmark, I have paid the equivalent of just under 450 dollars per month including electricity, water, heating and internet to stay in a private room with a private bathroom including shower.

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For short stays, Airbnb is also an excellent option to save money compared to hotels. In a lot of cases with hotels, you pay a lot for services you don’t need. Often you only need a clean room and a night’s sleep instead of paying for a hotel with a business centre, swimming pool, gym, bathtub, bathrobe, TV and concierge. Services you might not have time to use before your journey continues. On the other hand, I really like staying in hotels when it makes sense financially.

The possibility to arrive at any time, that you pretty much know what you are going to get, and that it’s often a good night’s sleep in a quiet and comfortable room. To avoid the uncertainty with things like Couchsurfing and Airbnb is another reason I usually book hotels for short stays, but for extended stays, Airbnb has been a tremendous help to my travels and how I have lived over the past few years.

About Airbnb
Airbnb is an online marketplace that allows individuals to rent out their homes, apartments, or rooms to travellers. Founded in 2008, the company has quickly become one of the most popular accommodation options when travelling.

The concept behind Airbnb is simple: Hosts list their properties on the site, and travellers can search for listings based on location, price, and other criteria. Landlords can set their own rates and requirements for tenants, such as B. whether smoking is allowed or whether pets are welcome.

One of Airbnb’s main strengths is the wide range of accommodation options it offers travellers. Instead of being limited to traditional hotels and resorts, travellers can choose from a variety of accommodations, from cosy apartments to spacious villas.

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Another advantage of Airbnb is that travellers often save money compared to traditional accommodation. Especially compared to hotels in destinations without much price competition between hotels.


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