Zil Air – Unique Experiences in the Seychelles

Seychelles is one of the most exclusive destinations in the world, with its amazing beaches and world-class resorts.

Zil Air is the helicopter provider serving the islands in style. Wayne Powell, the company’s Business Development Manager, told me, they want to have a world-class corporation. It’s important to have a product that matches world class resorts like North Island and Frégate.

Zil Air is not for everyone. To charter the helicopter for a 15-minute ride to the island of La Digue will set you back 870 Euros. That said, it is an amazing experience and a much more comfortable option than taking a domestic flight with Air Seychelles to Praslin and then the boat to La Digue. There is no comparison.

I dislike both the domestic flights, due to lack of space, and the public boat. Not that comfortable and it’s a hassle standing in line in the heat to get on the boat. Zil Air has a great small lounge on Mahé where you can relax with a drink and Wi-Fi before the helicopter experience. I flew Zil Air to La Digue and took some stunning photos you can see below this article.

Zil Air is covering the private island resorts in the Seychelles, La Digue and even Bird Island which is their longest flight. Highly recommended for the best possible and most comfortable transport solution when visiting the Seychelles.

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