What Are the Best Countries to Hitchhike?

Hitchhiking is one of the main reasons I managed to visit all the world’s countries. Hitchhiking can be a great way to experience cultures and save a lot of money. I have hitchhiked in approximately 100 countries and territories, and I have probably been in more than 1,000 cars total, but I haven’t counted.

How to start hitchhiking?
Taking the first step as a hitchhiker might be difficult. I was nervous in the beginning, and it felt weird. I recommend starting in destinations where hitchhiking is part of the culture and where you can have an excellent first experience with hitchhiking. The best tip for a first destination would be any small safe island. On many smaller islands hitchhiking is part of the culture, and many people know each other. It is not only the best kind of destinations for first-time hitchhikers but any hitchhikers.

I have really enjoyed hitchhiking on many smaller islands where I have felt completely safe doing it and saved a lot of money. On many islands, taxis are your only choice for transportation (except hitchhiking), so the amount of money you can save by hitchhiking can actually be the budget for several days.

The best countries to hitchhike

Probably every car or every second car will stop. It is incredible and very safe. No need ever to take a taxi.

The world’s smallest country is a wonderful island to hitchhike with friendly people. Easy to hitchhike here. I quickly got rides.

New Zealand
The best place to start hitchhiking. Very easy and safe. I love this country for many reasons, and hitchhiking is one of them.

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Very easy and safe to hitchhike on both Tongatapu and Vava’u island. Very friendly islanders.

In Azerbaijan, I arrived very late at the border from Georgia. Across the border, I didn’t know what to do as there was nothing. I was standing there alone with no cars and no people in complete darkness. It was quite a scary feeling. I waited, and after 10 minutes, a car came. I put out my thumb, and the car stopped.

It was a couple who didn’t speak a word of English. The man did a quick call and gave me the phone, and I heard something like “Hello, I’m an English teacher, my friends are worried about you, can they take you to their house?”. That was a really nice surprise. Besides this, I don’t know how difficult it is to hitchhike in Azerbaijan.

Safe and easy to hitchhike in one of the world’s least developed countries. Most of the locals don’t speak English, but you might just say auto-stop to avoid misunderstandings.

I hitchhiked from the airport to the city centre with a friendly Egyptian businessman living in Djibouti. On the way back, a French soldier and later an American businessman took me to the airport.

I hitchhiked many times during my eight nights in Kiribati. Probably with 30 cars total. The locals are friendly, and it is easy to get a ride. Approximately one out of ten vehicles stopped on busy roads, while probably one of three stopped on more quiet streets.

North Macedonia
I hitchhiked from the Bulgarian border to my remotely located resort with several cars and trucks. Warm people and quite easy to get a ride in the countryside. I can’t comment on Skopje and the bigger cities.

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It is easy and safe to hitchhike in one of my favourite places on earth; Seychelles. It is just not every car that will stop, but more every 10th depending on where you are.


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