What Are the Best Countries to Live In?

Are you tired of the country you live in? Well, there are many other beautiful places to live. The Legatum Institute, a British think tank, has conducted a major study that can help you choose your new home country. The think tank has identified the world’s happiest, wealthiest, healthiest and least criminal countries. In short: a list of the best 26 countries in the world.

The think tank considered a total of 89 different factors. Starting with gross domestic product, through the employment-to-population ratio, and on to “more nebulous” factors like the number of secure internet servers and the general daily load of the population. The Prosperity Index is compiled annually using the 142 countries with the most data available as a starting point. They are listed in different subcategories according to grade. So there should be a country for every taste on the list. And you can be sure that if you choose one of the best countries, you will not end up in a place that, for example, has enormous economic prosperity and vanishingly little personal freedom.

See the full list here:

Norwegians are the only ones in the top 10 in each of the subcategories in the index. They can do it all – finance, education, health, safety and so on…

The Alpine country scores particularly high on governance and economy.

The British think that Denmark is doing pretty well. Denmark’s education is top-class, and Denmark also score high on governance and social capital. Unfortunately, health is declining. Denmark lands in 16th place. If Danes didn’t smoke and drink so much, Denmark would probably take the title of the world’s best country.

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New Zealand
New Zealand is the most prosperous country outside Europe. This is due, among other things, to strong social cohesion and community involvement. The country has the highest level of social capital in the world.

The Swedes are blessed with the world’s highest level of entrepreneurship and opportunity.

Canadians have the world’s highest level of personal freedom.

The country has been in seventh place three years in a row.

Education, health and personal freedom ensure the Netherlands a place in the top 10.

Finland has solid governance, but the economy is a bit sluggish and it’s dragging down.

It is safe and secure in Ireland.

Americans are top scorers when it comes to health. In fact, the United States beats all other countries in health. It detracts from the fact that the citizens are among the least safe and secure on the list.

Personal freedom, safety, security, entrepreneurship and opportunities give Iceland the place on the list.

Health and personal freedom, as well as strong governance and a sound economy.

Germany’s impressive financial situation helps a high position on the list.

United Kingdom
Education and security could be better in the UK, which meant the UK lost a higher position on the list in a previous year.

Austria scores its place on health, entrepreneurship and opportunities.

Top scorer in economics.

Belgium has received fine, but not flashy, rankings in all subcategories in the analysis. The country’s best ranking was 10th place in the health category.

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The Japanese are healthy, but they have less personal freedom.

Hong Kong (territory, but part of the list)
Safety, security, entrepreneurship and opportunity earn Hong Kong this position on the list.

Taiwan (technically a territory, but part of the list)
The island state has moved forward because of safety and security.

France is, as usual, balancing between being among or outside the top 20.

This time, it is a low assessment of the social capital of the French that sends the country out of the top. Health is getting better.

Things are going quite well in Malta, but is lacking in education.

Education and personal freedom are among Spain’s merits.

The education system is an argument for moving to Slovenia. However, the same cannot be said about the economy.

The Czech Republic
When the countries are listed according to how good their economy is, the Czech Republic lands in 13th place. Citizens’ social capital is shrinking.

Source: The Legatum Institute.

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