Mandarin Oriental, Munich

Mandarin Oriental is one of the world’s best hotel brands, with an impressive portfolio of high-quality hotels. Having stayed at a number of their hotels in the past, I arrived in Munich with high expectations. Following a recent night at the hotel, my conclusion is that my expectations were exceeded.

My stay started with a warm welcome by Henriette Sinha, followed by a good conversation before I arrived at a stunning room. The room had a comfortable bed, excellent welcome amenities, a complimentary minibar, a freestanding bathtub (with bath salt), a shower with the latest technology and beautiful views of this great German city.

The facilities included a smaller gym with high-quality equipment and a double sauna room. One traditional dry sauna as well as a steam sauna. The steam sauna was my favourite and a fantastic place to relax. The service during my stay was excellent. My requests were met, and the staff were top professional, as expected.

I enjoyed a good night in an ultra-comfortable bed before it was time to leave the following morning. I made a special request for breakfast due to my strict diet, and it was an impressive breakfast experience with great service. The hotel is in a fantastic ideal location for exploring Munichd close to Marienplatz and public transportation. Overall, Mandarin Oriental, Munich, is one of the best city hotels I have stayed at in Europe. If it is within your budget, it is highly recommended as a great hotel experience in service, accommodation, food and relaxation.

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