Estonia Notes

Sharing what I think about different things in Estonia from Level 1 to 5.

Level 1: Excellent experience

Rataskaevu 16
Number one ranked restaurant in Tallinn on Tripadvisor. Charming restaurant with great service. Some of the food is excellent and on Michelin-level, while others are still good, but more basic. They have excellent daily bread and a daily lunch offer for just 5 Euros from Monday to Friday.

Based on a visit in 2010. Great memory.

Level 2: Great experience

Nok Nok
Great Thai restaurant. Nice atmosphere. I like their vegetable soup a lot.

Kolmas Draakon
A lovely medieval experience and a cheap tasty 2,5 Euro soup. Exceeded my expectations!

A restaurant chain I’ve tried in several locations. Fast food the cool way. I really like it. Not all dishes are excellent, but some are. My favourite dish is probably the four cheese-pizza. The mushroom risotto is good too. Great value as well. They have lunch offers and discounts via Apollo Club which you can join for free.

A charming restaurant with a nice atmosphere and good food. It’s expensive by Estonian standards and I expected more for the prices.

Good value lunch offer, but charge for tap water.

Vegan Restaurant V
Good lunch offer.

Nice place with organic food.

Rado Restoran
Great risotto, but not the best value restaurant in Tallinn.

Fast food:

Estonian Burger Factory
A candidate for the best burger in Estonia. Only had delivery, not been to the restaurant.

Gelato Ladies (great ice cream)
Maiasmokk (expensive, but delicious handmade chocolates)
Chocolala Handmade Chocolate (expensive, but delicious handmade chocolates)

Level 3: Good or OK, but don’t need again

Amalfi Restaurante Pizzaria (food delivery)
Commune (food delivery)
La Prima Pizza Vanalinn (food delivery)
La Prima Pizza Gonsiori (food delivery)
Veg Machine
Väike Lisanna
Jahu Pasta (food delivery)
Restaurant Härg (food delivery)
F-Hoone (Good taste, low price, limited service (self-service water and bread))
Jahu Resto (Good or great pasta. We met Rasmus Kofoed there.)


Level 4

Kalev Kamatahvel (product)
A historical Estonian alternative chocolate. Cheap, but there is a saying you get what you pay for.

Cheap buffet food. I wasn’t impressed.

Jahu Street Gourmet Burger (food delivery)
Kaja Pizza Köök

Level 5

Estonian smoked trout (product)
Bought two different kinds. Not impressed at all.

VLND Burger

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