Park Igls: A World-Class Detox Resort

Photo by: © Gesundheitszentrum Igls GmbH.

Park Igls Medical Spa Resort is located in the beautiful peaks of the Austrian Alps, offering a unique detox experience based on Modern Mayr Medicine, a holistic healing approach pioneered by Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr. This philosophy emphasizes the importance of gut health in overall well-being and uses dietary modifications, gentle detox therapies, and a focus on natural biorhythms to cleanse the body and restore vitality. Park Igls is located in the small town of Igls, close to Innsbruck, which I consider one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Guests can enjoy stunning scenery while embarking on a journey of detoxification, relaxation and excellent food.

At Park Igls, guests can choose from personalized detox programs tailored to their needs and goals. Whether you’re looking for a beginner’s program, a comprehensive detox journey, or a stress-reduction program that addresses the link between stress and digestive issues, Park Igls has you covered.

Beyond detox, Park Igls offers a comprehensive range of treatments and activities that promote holistic healing. Guests have access to a team of highly qualified doctors, licensed Mayr practitioners, and dieticians who work together to provide ongoing medical supervision and personalized consultations. The spa menu includes a variety of therapeutic treatments, from massages to body wraps and hydrotherapy, while the fitness facilities and personalized training programs help guests regain strength and improve mobility.

My stay at Park Igls began with a friendly check-in experience where Claudia welcomed me to the resort. I later arrived at the room where I would be staying for a week and it exceeded my expectations. One of the cleanest rooms I remember having stayed in during my travels and it was allergy-friendly as well. Many hotel rooms have unpleasant smells, but Park Igls felt so lovely. The room had a comfortable bed, sitting area, working desk, bathtub, separate shower and a balcony with stunning views. They even had a pillow menu as an impressive detail for discerning travellers.

My first dinner at the resort was very impressive. I didn’t expect the resort to have such a high level of food, but the meal was comparable to some of the Michelin restaurants I’ve been to. It was especially lovely as I for a long time have followed a strict diet at home and eaten many of the same things over and over. The restaurant staff were very professional and accommodating to my requests during my stay, which made the stay even better. With restaurants, the quality of both the food and staff varies a lot, but Park Igls impressed in both areas. During my stay, the food continued to impress and it’s definitely one of the reasons to stay here.

Another top reason is the excellent spa facilities with a swimming pool, and several saunas including an infrared sauna, steam sauna and a textile sauna at 70 degrees. A really lovely spa which was comparable with some of the best I have been to in my travels. Very clean and with a very nice atmosphere. My stay included massages and it was another relaxing part of the stay. The resort also has a beautiful garden which is a lovely place to spend some time as well.

I have stayed at more than 1,500 hotels in the world and Park Igls is now among my favourite places. The hotel is professionally run and has excellent food, fantastic spa facilities and lovely accommodation. It’s also a great base for exploring a lot of Austria. I highly recommend Park Igls as a world-class detox resort and a fantastic property as a base for a relaxing holiday.

Park Igls is located close to Innsbruck.

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