Christmas Island – An Australian Territory

Christmas Island is an Australian territory in the Indian Ocean with a population of less than 2,000 people. To save money, I decided to fly from Jakarta on a chartered Garuda plane under the name Christmas Island Air, instead of flying Virgin Australia from Perth. The check-in process and ground service in Jakarta were very friendly, and I had a nice talk with one of the employees at the departure terminal.

The flight was comfortable on the comfortable Garuda plane with great service and I was very excited about arriving on Christmas Island as I had thought about it many times in the past years and finally decided to go. There’s another Christmas Island also known as Kiritimati in the Line Islands of the Pacific Ocean, but this article is entirely about the Australian territory in the Indian Ocean.

Before my visit, I decided to contact the local tourist board, the Christmas Island Tourism Association, about the possibility of a small partnership. An island tour was arranged and I would like to thank Linda and Jahna for their help. Although I did manage to hitchhike on Christmas Island for shorter trips, it would have been very difficult to see the sights I saw without the island tour I got. Below are a lot of the photos I took during my three-night visit. I stayed two nights at the cheapest accommodation bookable at the moment, a private room at an Airbnb. Friendly hosts, comfortable and free WiFi.

The second night I spent at the most exclusive place you can stay on Christmas Island. A unique experience called Swell Lodge. So far, it’s just one unit, an eco-chalet nature-based tent-style accommodation with a comfortable bed, shower, toilet, sinks, couch, dining table and a balcony with a stunning view. Swell Lodge is a unique all-inclusive concept with daily guided activities and a private chef. Certainly something completely different from what Christmas Island has to offer, and an experience I liked a lot. I have slept in a luxurious tent before at an Oberoi property in India, but with the unique location, it felt very special to me, even after more than 1,000 hotels.

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Christmas Island is an expensive place to visit for Europeans. It’s a long journey to get there and flights are not cheap, but if you want a unique travel experience with a lot to see and a destination without mass tourism, Christmas Island is a great choice! Below you will find some of the photos I took on Christmas Island including at two of the best sights: The Grotto and the Blowholes.

Swell Lodge’s Website
Christmas Island Tourism Association’s Website

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