Swiss Biohealth – A New Hope

Swiss Biohealth is a concept that combines biological dentistry and biological medicine. It emphasizes the connection between oral health and overall well-being. Developed by Dr Dietrich Klinghardt (medicine) and Dr Karl Ulrich Volz (dentistry), this approach centres around the idea that chronic illnesses can be linked to “interference fields” in the mouth.

The founders established a dedicated clinic in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland, offering a comprehensive treatment experience. One is a team of specialists that are trained in Swiss Bio-health philosophy, the clinic also utilizes various diagnostic tools to identify potential interference fields and underlying health issues, and they also have personalized treatment plans that are tailored to a patient’s specific needs and goals.

Swiss Biohealth focuses on dental health as they believe that up to 70% of chronic conditions can be traced back to problems in the mouth they have a holistic approach in which they look at the body as a whole system rather than focusing on isolated problems their aim is to address the root causes of illness and promote overall health and well-being.

The principal rule of Swiss Biohealth revolves around the concept of “interference fields.” These are believed to be areas in the body that harbour chronic inflammation or toxicity, disrupting the body’s natural balance and potentially contributing to various chronic illnesses. Swiss BioHealth claims that up to 70% of chronic conditions can be linked to interference fields within the oral cavity. These fields can be caused by root canals, dental implants, cavities and infections and amalgam fillings.

Swiss BioHealth goes beyond simply addressing oral health issues. Their approach incorporates various biological medicine practices to promote overall health and healing.

A new hope
Over the past 5 years, I have visited more than 50 specialists, but now I have a new hope. A biological dentist found NICO (Neuralgia-inducing cavitational osteonecrosis) on a scanning and by doing surgery I might be able to improve the quality of my health and life. I would like to thank Swiss Biohealth and especially Stephanie Vergote for their very valuable information which might make a big difference.

I highly recommend Swiss Biobealth because they have an interesting approach to health that integrates dentistry and biological medicine. For Individuals who are seeking alternative approaches to managing chronic health issues, Swiss Biohealth might be an option to explore. Swiss Biohealth or any dentists trained by Swiss Biohealth would be worth trying for anyone with chronic illness in my opinion. You can read more about Swiss Biohealth and at

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