Mirihi Island Resort, Maldives

A truly great Maldivan resort experience can be expected at Mirihi Island Resort, Maldives. Intimate and ideal for couples, this resort offers luxurious overwater bungalows and beachfront villas. Pristine reefs teem with marine life, great for diving or snorkelling. Guests can unwind at the dive centre or indulge in pampering spa treatments. Mirihi has created a romantic Maldivian retreat for those seeking a great private island experience.

Below is my experience based on a one-night stay on the island.

My arrival experience: Warm welcome from Günther and the staff before I got a welcome drink and had a nice talk before going to the room.

What I liked the most: The island and the great service. Probably some of the best in the Maldives.
What about the food: I was very impressed with the food, and they have made the effort. Swiss chef and high-quality food. Fresh local fish and expensive imported ingredients. Well done!
What about the service: This resort has fantastic staff, which I believe is why it recently took the number one spot on Tripadvisor for guest satisfaction.
What about my room: Although it might not be of Four Seasons standard, my water villa was lovely with an attractive design, comfortable bed, rain shower and, of course, stunning views.
Number of rooms: 37.
Location: Maldives.
Facilities: Spa and gym. I had a 15-minute welcome massage at the spa and found the therapist superb.
Complimentary internet: Yes. There is a good WiFi connection. One issue with slow internet was quickly solved, and we immediately had fast WiFi.
My overall impression: A great+ experience. It’s one of the highest-ranked resorts in the Maldives, and I loved it as well.

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