JW Marriott Hotel Cairo

JW Marriott Hotel Cairo offers luxury in Cairo with boasting spacious rooms and great amenities. Featuring multiple dining options, a championship golf course, and a world-class spa, it provides an exceptional experience for all guests. Perfect for business or leisure, JW Marriott Hotel Cairo ensures a memorable and sophisticated stay.

My arrival experience: Fast check-in before being escorted to the room.
What about the food: I had a bad experience with the food. I ordered a vegetarian pizza for room service, but not only did it look bad, but it also gave me a bad stomach. They made the pizza bigger than the plate, which was probably the least impressive room service I’ve had in my travels. Eat elsewhere.
What about the service: Very good service, but not up to the standards of the other JW Marriott hotels I have stayed in.
What about the rooms: Classical rooms with comfortable beds, beautiful views, and Aromatherapy Associates in the bathroom. Some parts could need an update, but the critical part is the smoking policy. People smoke everywhere in Cairo, including this hotel and just outside my room on a “non-smoking floor.” Unacceptable.
Number of rooms: 438.
Type of property: City hotel.
Location: Cairo, Egypt.
Facilities: Spa, gym, pool, business/meeting facilities and a golf course.
Complimentary internet: Yes. Fast enough for calls.
My overall impression: It was a Good+ experience. It is a very nice hotel, but some parts could be improved to reach JW Marriott’s standards. When I compare it with Delhi, Indianapolis, Bangkok, and especially Ankara, there is certainly a difference.

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