Hotel Koldingfjord

Hotel Koldingfjord is a 132-room 4-star hotel located just outside the city centre of Kolding, the 7th biggest city in Denmark. I stayed here for a night and enjoyed stunning architecture, buildings and views of Kolding Fjord.

Hotel Koldingfjord is perhaps the most beautiful hotel in the whole of Denmark. However, the service and rooms are not on the level of Nimb and D’Angleterre. The reception service is very friendly, but not like staying at Falsled Kro or D’Angleterre, but it was of course also not expected when you look at the rate difference.

The rooms are basic but with a good level of comfort. A comfortable bed and a bathroom are often all you need when travelling. In conclusion, Hotel Koldingfjord is a place to stay for its stunning location and comfortable accommodations. A hotel I would be happy to stay at again.

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