Hotel Ibis Recife Boa Viagem

Ibis is one of the French Accor group’s budget brands. I have enjoyed several Ibis hotels in the past and have been impressed with the great value for money for comfortable hotel rooms. Hotel Ibis Recife Boa Viagem is one of the few chain hotels in Recife and as I have done several times in the past, I selected an Ibis hotel. Ibis is doing a great job at combining value with comfort, without paying for services and space you don’t need. The rooms are generally smaller than typical four-star and five-star hotels, but I really don’t need the extra space, hence Ibis is an ideal choice.

Hotel Ibis Recife Boa Viagem was another good experience with the Ibis brand. The friendly receptionist welcomed me and later, the manager Nelson welcomed me as well. I arrived at the room and was impressed with the beautiful design, comfortable bed, wooden floor and general feel. There was also a working desk, TV and bathroom with a shower. The service is friendly at this hotel and with its central location in mind, it’s overall the ideal choice for visitors to the beautiful Brazilian city of Recife.

Update 2023

This hotel will always be a special one for me. It was the location for the first meeting between Wládvia and me. Wládvia is now my wife. I flew five times to land in Recife to meet her after we had been communicating online for about 4 weeks. My trip ended up being one of the most memorable ones and probably the single most important trip of my life. Less than a year after this first meeting we got married in her hometown, Sanharó in the state of Pernambuco in front of about 400 people on a very memorable day.

  Villa Anna, Uppsala

This photo was provided by the hotel, hence not taken by me.

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