Hotel D’Angleterre Copenhagen (2019 Stay)

The famous Hotel D’Angleterre in Copenhagen was one of my first 5-star hotel experiences and one of the reasons I got a passion for hotels. I arrived in the afternoon on a cold October day in 2009. I stayed in a beautiful old-fashioned Deluxe Room with a terrace and a view of Kongens Nytorv, an excellent location for exploring Copenhagen on foot.

The hotel was outdated in several parts when I first stayed at D’Angleterre in 2009 but was later renovated. Especially the bathroom of my room needed a refurbishment. One of the things I liked was the spa area in the basement which had excellent facilities. The breakfast was another great experience with an impressively large buffet. An interesting experience was that Prince Felix ate close to me. The service at the hotel is very professional and probably the best of any hotel in Denmark.

Overall I give five stars out of five for the experience. A renovation was needed, and I think that’s the main reason there were mixed reviews of the hotel at the time. This was my first 5-star hotel experience and maybe the reason I enjoyed it so much. I was very easily impressed back then. Some years later, I came back to D’Angleterre, but that’s for another article.

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