Collaboration: Atlantic Airways

Atlantic Airways is the national airline of the Faroe Islands, established in 1987. Based at Vágar Airport, it connects the remote archipelago with key destinations in Europe, including Denmark, Iceland, and Norway. Known for its reliable service and scenic flights, Atlantic Airways operates a modern fleet tailored to the challenging weather conditions of the North Atlantic. The airline also provides vital helicopter services within the Faroe Islands, enhancing local connectivity. I flew one way from Mykines in a Helicopter and it was quite an experience. With a strong focus on safety and customer satisfaction, Atlantic Airways is crucial in promoting tourism and supporting the Faroe Islands’ economy.

The Faroe Islands are 18 islands located between Scotland and Iceland. They are a territory under Denmark and have their own language and culture.

Atlantic Airways flew me from Billund, Denmark, to Vagar Airport in the Faroe Islands and a return flight to London Gatwick. My first flight was in 2000 on my way to “TV Byen” in Copenhagen to be an expert on national TV. Atlantic Airways is pretty much the same experience as SAS used to be. They serve you a meal on a short flight like Billund-Faroe Island which is only 1 hour and 40 minutes. Furthermore, kids get toys exactly like I did as a 12-year-old on SAS in 2000.

If you want a really unique travel experience, I highly recommend the Faroe Islands.

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