What Are the Best Countries to Visit in North America?

I have visited every country in the world (before turning 28), and more than 1,500 destinations since I went alone to Egypt at the age of 17. It is difficult to make a top list of the best countries in North America to visit, but below are five of my favourite countries based on my experiences with more than 3,500 days of travel so far.

1. United States of America

I have travelled extensively in the United States, visiting more than 50 destinations, 36 states and the territories of American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, Saipan, St. Croix and Tinian. With America, it depends a lot on where I am. There are many wonderful experiences to be found, but also a lot of places that didn’t impress me. Alaska (photo), and New York City are my two favourite places so far. In recent years, America has become extremely expensive for travel, and that means the overall impression of travelling in America has dropped for me.

2. Canada
Canada is a very big country with a lot to offer travellers. I would like to have travelled a lot more in Canada than I have. Montreal, Toronto, Quebec City, Vancouver, Vancouver Island and the stunning Prince Edward Island is about it. Based on those experiences, I rank Canada as one of my favourites, but if I get to experience a lot more of the country, I might rank it even higher in the future. Definitely very impressed with my first visits.

3. Dominica
My favourite country in the Caribbean. Dominica has great value for money, stunning nature, landscapes, and friendly people. I like it a lot and would like to experience it a lot more.

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4. St. Lucia
St. Lucia is a stunning small Caribbean island which felt adventurous. I stayed at the stunning Jade Mountain resort with views of Piti and Gros Piton mountains, which was one of the best experiences I’ve had in the Caribbean.

5. Mexico
A stunning country with friendly people and a lot to experience. I have been to the Cancun/Playa del Carmen area, Mexico City and San Miguel de Allende. That’s about it, and it’s only a little of what Mexico has to offer. I would like to experience much more in the future, which might impact my ranking of Mexico.

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