Collaboration: Aero Caribbean

Aero Caribbean, officially known as Empresa Aerocaribbean SA, was a regional airline based in Havana, Cuba. Established in 1982, it operated domestic and international flights across the Caribbean and Central America. The airline utilized a fleet primarily consisting of ATR and Soviet-built aircraft. Aero Caribbean was known for connecting smaller Cuban cities to major destinations, enhancing regional connectivity. The airline faced challenges, including an ageing fleet and economic constraints. Tragically, Aero Caribbean Flight 883 crashed in November 2010, leading to the airline’s eventual merger into Cubana de Aviación. Despite its struggles, Aero Caribbean played a crucial role in Cuba’s aviation history.

The Cuban airline collaborated with me in 2012 and flew me to Holguin and back to Havana, which was very helpful in order to cover Cuba’s best hotel. Paradisus Rio de Oro Resort & Spa. I thank Aero Caribbean for being part of my travel project.

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