The Efendi Hotel, Acre

When researching the best hotels in Israel, The Effendi Hotel came up, and as it is located in the UNESCO World Heritage Site city of Acre, I decided to go for it. An impressive score of 4,5/5 on Tripadvisor and 9,2/10 on at the time of writing this article tells you this is a hotel where a lot of people leave satisfied. I am among these satisfied people.

My experience started with a site inspection to understand the hotel better. It was a long and difficult process to make this hotel a possibility. Permissions and the amount of work put into making it a reality deserve a lot of respect and recognition. I arrived at the room and was impressed with the authentic design, ultra-comfortable bed and beautiful bathroom with a freestanding bathtub and separate shower.

The location is excellent for exploring Acre, which in itself is an authentic experience. The staff is friendly and service-minded, which made the stay even more enjoyable. A special thanks to Mary Anna for all her help and kindness. I have stayed at a chain hotel in Israel, and while that was nice, the independent Efendi Hotel is surely something unique and of course, a property I can highly recommend for anyone visiting Northern Israel.

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