Pura Vida Huts: Stunning Tiny Houses (Special Deal)

Photo: Pura Vida Huts.

I would estimate to have stayed at over 2,000 different properties throughout my life of which most are hotels. One of the most exciting things I have discovered through life is how little stuff and how little space is needed for a comfortable living.  Through Airbnb, I have rented tiny houses a number of times and experienced the benefits of just living in a small amount of space. Something I’ve been used to in hotel rooms, and something I appreciate. I am a minimalist and I don’t need much space so why have it? Many people believe happiness is not found in the things we buy, at least not long term.

Pura Vida Huts
Pura Vida Huts is a Romanian tiny house company that focuses on creating and promoting tiny houses as a sustainable and minimalist living solution. This initiative is a part of the growing global movement towards downsized, eco-friendly living spaces. On PuraVidaHuts.com you can check out their company and stunning tiny houses.

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Fantastic investment
Buying a tiny house can be a fantastic investment. Not only as a place to live but also as a business idea. Tiny houses can be placed in beautiful locations, but it is important to check the local regulations as some countries are more strict than others. For me, tiny houses have a travel feeling to them, like a holiday theme, which can make a difference in everyday life. An everyday life where most people in the world are unable to travel often.

Having stayed in many hotel rooms on my journey to every country in the world, I really appreciate being comfortable in a small amount of space. I like not having to do unnecessary housework, and I like being a minimalist. I own very little compared to the average Dane, and it’s one of my hobbies to be organised about my belongings and own very little. I evaluate how many things I need and I am careful about buying new things. I have several times spent time considering if it’s really necessary to buy. I like shopping with online retailers with free returns as I like the option of returning things if I am not satisfied. Things must be worth owning, otherwise, it’s better not to as it can have an impact on the quality of my life.

Appreciation for the small amount of space
I have lived in a tiny house several times and also made long-term agreements with hotels and really appreciated the simplicity of life in a small amount of space. On the other hand, I have also lived in bigger houses and the amount of time spent on organising or rather trying to organise a bigger house is huge. I much prefer not spending my time on this and enjoying life in other ways.

I have recently tried a bike caravan which I felt was simply too small. A comfortable bed of a normal size is important for me. I have tried sleeping in cars and it also wasn’t attractive. I have been inside quite a few caravans and auto campers and they all had a chemical smell and not a nice feeling to it. With tiny houses, I feel you can get the comfort level of a normal house in a small amount of space in contrast to caravans. In these times, living in an environmentally friendly is another benefit and since I probably have built up a higher-than-average carbon footprint due to my travels, it’s nice to compensate by living in a small amount of space and owning a few amount of things.

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