The Favourites of Predrag Tomasevic

Predrag Tomasevic is a Montenegrin YouTuber who is working in the hotel industry and has visited 65 countries at the time of this article.

What are three of your favourite countries and why?

This country was so much different than any other we visited, as it is not so open for tourism, and they do not care much to promote themselves, even though there are places such as Bagan, which looks like it is not from this world. People are very kind and humble, ready to share whatever they have, rather than to see you as a ‘white tourist’ and charge you as much as possible. Food is delicious, prepared in its unique ways, and I recommend street food anytime, rather than going to restaurants.

They have these ‘street restaurants’, basically straightforward plastic tables and chairs, and the food is prepared on the cart in front of you. Very tasty and fresh. I can’t recommend enough places such as Yangon, Bagan, and Mandalay. It saddens me to see the latest developments with the junta taking over the power and closing the country again. Hopefully, things will get better soon again for Burmese people.

One more country which is very remote, and with places that look as they are not from this planet. Take Salt Flats in Uyuni, for example. A couple of days over there, and you forget that you are on planet Earth. It looks like you are touring a desert on a different planet. Bolivianos are also very kind, hospitable and very easygoing.

The culture, way of living, and Bolivianos’ mindset make you question your own western culture and values. There is so much more to life when living simple, away from all western ‘standards’, what you must have, and what you must do. Those are vital takeaways when spending some time in Bolivia.

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Sri Lanka
In Sri Lanka, you can easily stay in a beach hut in Mirissa for weeks or months and forget about the time. You stop looking at your watch and stop looking in your calendar. Time becomes completely relative. You can do the same in the highlands such as Nuwara Eliya, enjoy fresh air, tea and coffee plantations, take walks and hikes. Just be. Sri Lanka lets you slow down, have more time just for yourself and explore your mind without needing to be ‘connected’ on the computer all the time. Again, warm and hospitable people that are smiling a lot, is what makes Sri Lanka unique. 

What are three of your favourite travel moments, and why?

Forgetting to check my watch and emails
To disconnect from everything back at home, from work, from ‘needing’ to do something. I do not think there is a more significant travel moment than this. To just be present at the moment.

Discovering new mindsets and ways of living
Southeast Asia is perhaps the best region in the world where you can meet people who are so different from the rest of the world, who are doing things in their unique ways, whether you are in Laos, Myanmar, or the Philippines learning about daily habits of people and the way things are done. I appreciate and cherish those moments and try to learn and apply them in my everyday life. Mindfulness, to be present now, which I think you can learn from people over there. 

Sitting on a bench in CBD Sydney (Central Business District), and then suddenly, precisely at 5 PM, dozens of people in business suits going out carrying a surfing board and catching the bus to the beach. That mindset was something I have never seen before in any big city around the world.

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What are three of your worst travel moments, and why?

Just one: The Pandemic
The pandemic
started in March last year, which forced my wife and me to stop our backpacking tour around South America, and forced us to go back home. We were just three months on the road, out of 9 months initially planned, and all the countries closed. It was truly disappointing, as we planned this tour for a long time, and who knows when we will be able to do it again.

I do not have any other significant disappointing experience; I guess I was pretty lucky in the past 12 years when travelling.

What are three of your best travel tips?

Plan a backpacking tour for at least six months around Southeast Asia or Latin America
After that, life will not be the same.

Go to remote places, such as Laos, Bolivia, Myanmar, Albania, Moldova, isolated islands of Indonesia and the Philippines
These places are so much more rewarding for learning something new about the world than just visiting western Europe or the USA. I am sure Africa has so many rewarding places and countries, but I have not seen them yet to give recommendations.

Eat street food, sleep in apartments of locals, immerse yourself in the daily culture of locals wherever you are
This way you can truly experience the place you are visiting, rather than only doing tourist things.

What are your favourite sights in your home country of Montenegro?

Lustica peninsula
This place grew on me over the last three years since I live and work here, and the place is blessed with untouched nature, olive plantations, fresh food and air, wild beaches, and away from crowds. Still undiscovered by most people and underrated.

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Durmitor national park
This place is so remote, and there are so many villages where you can enjoy pure nature, be away from the city to enjoy hiking, biking, and meditation.

Prokletije national park
Again, one more remote place, as I like to be ‘off the beaten path’. Plav Lake, Hrid lake, Alipasa’s springs. It is easy to spend a week in a wooden cabin in this area and connect with nature and yourself. 

What are some of the hidden gems of Montenegro?

Devil’s Lake
Often overlooked due to the famous Black lake, but I would not miss it. Ideal for camping during summer months.

Prcanj village in Boka Bay
Also overlooked due to the famous Kotor town. It has old palaces, and you would think you are in old Venice.

Piva region, nature park, old monastery
Perfect for a couple of days, you can do river rafting and canyoning. I will not miss it if you are to visit Montenegro during the summer. 

How can digital nomads find cheap accommodation for extended stays in Montenegro?

Email hotels directly are the best way. Montenegro still is behind on digital nomadism, but in the coming years, IT infrastructure should start improving and recognition for the potential of having hundreds or thousands of digital nomads in the country.

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