Kabul Serena Hotel

Archive article. Things might have changed since my visit in 2013.

Kabul Serena Hotel in Afghanistan offers a secure and luxurious retreat with its elegant design and comprehensive amenities. Located in the heart of Kabul, this five-star hotel features beautifully appointed rooms, dining options, a spa, and extensive security measures. Guests can enjoy exceptional service, modern comforts, and a tranquil environment, making it an ideal choice for both business and leisure travellers.

I have done a few lectures in the past about my project the audience always gets surprised when I tell them there are 5-star hotels in almost every country, even Afghanistan. A 5-star business hotel is necessary for people to invest in a country and have a comfortable, safe place to stay. The Serena group has impressed me with great hotels in several locations and I was excited to see how good a hotel in Afghanistan could be.

The arrival experience started with lots of security checkpoints before being able to check-in. The check-in went quickly and I was right after given the room key. I stayed in a Junior Suite which was of surprisingly high standard and up to the same standards as the other Serena hotels I have stayed, most of them which are part of The Leading Hotels of the World. This was originally a goal for Kabul Serena Hotel, but for some reason, they are not part of it. The room had a comfortable bed, flatscreen TVs, complimentary internet, a separate shower from the bathtub and lots of bathroom amenities.

The reason the hotel isn’t part of LHW could be the service. While everything works, the service can be a little slow, like a breakfast issue where they couldn’t give me an earlier breakfast or coffee before 06:30 as I would expect in a hotel with these rates. Standard rooms are around 400 dollars. Is it worth 400 dollars? No! They charge 400 dollars because they can and there are not really other alternatives if you want to stay comfortable, safe and with the activities you need while on a business trip. I was one of the only tourists in Afghanistan thanks to the excellent work of Afghan Logistics & Tours.

  Collaboration: MarsLand Aviation

Overall I am pleased to rank this as a great experience. It feels special being in Afghanistan and while service isn’t perfect, the hotel itself is beautifully maintained and deserves a lot of credit for working so well in a tough location.

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