Huvafen Fushi Maldives – The First and Only Underwater Spa in the World

Quick Introduction: Huvafen Fushi is a famous Maldivian 44-room resort with the world’s first and only underwater spa. I stayed here for some hours, on a day trip, with my own villa, back in June and liked it a lot. So much so that I have included it in a top 10 list of my favourite resorts in the country of more than 50 stayed.
What I Liked: 
The overall experience, having the only underwater spa adds to the experience. I find them to be great in both service, accommodation, and food compared to other Maldivan resorts so I have decided to rank them as a Fantastic experience below.
What About the Service? Excellent service. Great staff.
What About the Food? Great food by Maldivian resort standards.
What About My Room? I stayed in a water villa with a comfortable bed, flatscreen TV, sitting area, jacuzzi, small private pool and Bottega Veneta amenities. Perhaps a bit tired, but I liked it a lot, and although I have stayed in better villas in the Maldives, it didn’t affect my decision to rank this highly as a fantastic experience.
Number of Rooms: 44 rooms.
Type of Property: Resort.
Location: Maldives.
Facilities: Pool, fitness centre, spa and bar.
Complimentary Internet: Yes and free.
My Overall Impression: Fantastic experience.

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