Hotel Føroyar

Hotel Føroyar in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, offers a scenic and tranquil retreat overlooking the capital city and surrounding landscapes. This modern hotel features comfortable rooms with panoramic views, a renowned restaurant specializing in local cuisine, and a cosy bar. Guests can explore the nearby natural attractions, enjoy personalized service, and experience the unique culture of the Faroe Islands, making Hotel Føroyar a perfect base for discovering this remote and picturesque destination.

Hotel Føroyar is the best hotel in The Faroe Islands with 106 rooms of which 98 are Double Rooms and 2 are Suites. The location is 2 kilometres from the city centre and the rooms have beautiful views of the capital. I stayed in a Double Room which was very nice and comfortable. A soft, comfortable bed, a flat-screen TV and a nice shower were the highlights. The best thing was however the high-speed complimentary internet access which made it possible to get a lot of work done.

An interesting detail was the wake-up call. I ordered a wake-up call, but the phone didn’t ring. Instead, the television started and asked me to get up. I had to get up from bed to get the remote control to turn it off. An interesting idea I had never seen before.

The hotel is officially a four-star hotel and it comes with conference facilities, a la carte restaurant and a bar. I didn’t have breakfast as I was leaving too early, but they had prepared some very nice croissants. The most important thing in a hotel is always the service and it was really good here with kind, helpful staff.

Hotel Føroyar also owns the centrally located Hotel Torshavn where I stayed a night as well. It’s easy to see the quality difference between Hotel Føroyar and Hotel Torshavn. Hotel Torshavn is a 3-star with small, comfortable rooms that would be recommended for budget-minded travellers visiting The Faroe Islands.

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Overall Hotel Føroyar is a nice experience. It’s not a luxury hotel, but it’s very comfortable and surely the best choice when visiting the unique destination of The Faroe Islands.

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