Travel Tips


Free homestays and an opportunity for great cultural experiences. Tips: Check feedback and make an informative profile.

Different kind of accommodation for different kind of budgets. Tips: Long-term rates can be excellent value. You can actually negotiate directly with the owner by sending a message.
My favourite hotel booking site. In recent years it’s almost always been the cheapest booking site in my experience together with Snaptravel.

My favourite hotel search engine. is not always the cheapest, so it’s a good idea to compare rates on HotelsCombined.


List of Low-Cost Airlines
I’ve flown from Vienna to Eilat, Israel for just one Euro, among many other cheap flights. Tip: Sign up for airlines’ newsletters or follow airlines on social media to know about promotions.

My favourite flight search engine.
Tip: You can type Everywhere in the destination field to find inspiration about where you can travel.

Another great flight search engine with lots of third-party booking sites.

Secret Flying
My favourite flight deal site. Tip: You can use their Twitter account of a better overview of the many deals. Thanks to a Secret Flying-post, I flew to Israel for one Euro in 2019.

Ground Transporation

Low-Cost Buses
Booking cheap bus tickets in advance is a great way to travel cheaply. My favourites are Flixbus and Megabus.

My favourite carpooling website. Tip: It’s best to have a Plan B in countries where a credit card is not required to secure a booking. The driver might not show up. It happened to me once in Brazil.

My favourite ride-hailing company. I have also used Bolt, Careem, Grab and 99Pop. Tip: You can usually find codes for a free or discounted first ride with these ride-hailing apps.

Guide to Hitchhiking
I’ve hitchhiked hundredths of times and Hitchwiki is my favourite hitchhiking guide.

Other Tips

The Maldives in the Summer
I have stayed at more than 50 private island resorts in the Maldives.

My preferred time to visit is in July where it is great value for money and with much lower rates than in December.

Great value data in 100+ countries with one sim card. Promo code everycountryintheworlddotcom gives you 15% off the sim.

Google Maps Offline Maps
Downloading Offline Maps in the app can be helpful if you don’t have access to data.

Visa Requirements
I find Wikipedia useful for checking visa requirements. Tip: You can Google: “Visa requirements for *your nationality* citizens.”.

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