The Market Hotel, Groningen

Photo: The Market Hotel.

Having visited every country in the world and stayed at more than 1,200 hotels, I have learned a lot of things about finding great hotel experiences. I recently travelled to the Netherlands, and as part of my research, I searched for the highest-ranked hotels on for guest satisfaction. It is one of the best tips I have for finding great hotels. The Market Hotel in the Northern city of Groningen came up as one of the highest-ranked hotels in all of the Netherlands, and I decided to check it out. A very attractive design made me very interested in staying at the hotel.

I began planning and arrived in the city with high expectations. After a short walk to the hotel, I arrived for a nice welcome, before a quick check-in. I arrived at the room and was very impressed. One thing is the pictures, another thing is actually experiencing a hotel. The room had an attractive design with a wooden floor, bathtub, separate shower, a very comfortable bed, Tv, and stunning views of the main square of Groningen.

The room had high-speed internet access, and I found it to be one of the best hotel rooms I have stayed in in all of Europe. The design of the public areas was stunning as well and the location couldn’t be better for exploring Groningen by foot. The facilities included private saunas which were chargeable, but that makes it a completely different experience than public saunas as you can be by yourself for total privacy. A lovely experience.

Café Willem Albert is located on the ground floor of The Market Hotel, with a high end bar and terrace where you can dine and have a drink. You can go to Bakkerij Westers for freshly baked sandwiches, homemade patisserie and freshly brewed coffee. At their restaurant you will find a nice mix of local residents and guests. A home for everyone!

The Market Hotel in Groningen ends up being one of the best city hotels I have stayed at in Europe. It is ultra comfortable, has an extraordinary design, great service and an amazing location. A highly recommended hotel experience.

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