Les Paletuviers, Senegal

Located at the Saloum delta (A UNESCO World Heritage site with amazing birdlife), Les Paletuviers is a beautiful Senegalese lodge in a stunning location. Belgian Karolien has done a great job with the entire resort including the lovely, comfortable rooms. It’s not like your typical chain hotel room, but instead, it has that personal touch that gives it more of an authentic feel.

The resort has a beautiful, large swimming pool as you can see in the photo above. There are not many lodges of this level in West Africa. Mandina River Lodge at Makasutu in the Gambia comes to mind from my past travels. Combining the two lodges in one trip would be ideal as this resort is located under 30 kilometres from the Senegalese/Gambian border. As a trip suggestion, I can recommend arriving in Dakar and do the World Heritage island of Gorée, then Saly and ending Senegal with a stay at Les Paletuviers before going to the Gambia for a stay at Mandina River Lodge.

The food at Les Paletuviers was good as well. It’s really hit and miss travelling remote places in Africa, and I send my compliments to Les Paletuviers for doing a good job. Finally, I will mention the kind service and the great impression this resort made on me. One night wasn’t much in such a beautiful setting, but it was a lovely experience.

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