Convento do Espinheiro, Historic Hotel & Spa

Created from an 1834 monastery, Convento do Espinheiro is a historic 92-room hotel near the UNESCO World Heritage Site town of Évora. I stayed at this stunning property for a night and was very impressed.

I stayed in a beautiful spacious room with a comfortable bed, flat screen TV, bathtub,  a rain shower and natural products in the bathroom. The food is another thing worth mentioning about this property. I didn’t experience their restaurant, Divinus, but I had a great breakfast in the morning, where I could see a lot of effort in both the buffet and by having an egg station.

The facilities are fantastic at this hotel. According to their website, their spa was considered the best Spa in Portugal in 2009 by the World Travel Awards. I must say, I was very impressed with their facilities as well and I had a nice swim at their 17-meter indoor swimming pool before leaving the property. The property has 8 hectares of outdoor spaces, an outdoor swimming pool and a tennis court. The service is professional at this property, and overall, the hotel delivers on a very high level, making it one of the better hotel experiences I’ve had in Europe.

To learn more about the property, you can visit the hotel’s website here.

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