Citybox, a Unique Hotel in Tallinn

Citybox is a Norwegian chain of modern low-budget hotels with an interesting concept. A journey that started with Citybox Bergen in 2006. Last year, I had a site inspection at Citybox and immediately liked it and considered it an interesting property to explore further. This year I went back, but this time to stay.

My experience at CityBox started in the lobby at the check-in machine. One of the benefits of Citybox is that you don’t need any human interaction. You book online, and a check-in machine will take care of your check-in. I picked up the key and went to the room. It was a comfortable room with a modern design, high-speed internet access, a rain shower, and a beautiful view of Tallinn.

One of the things I have learned from having travelled so much is that you cannot judge hotels by the number of stars. CityBox Tallinn is officially a three-star hotel, but it is much better than many five-star hotels I have stayed. Why? Because it feels more comfortable, modern, and it is a property where things work. That is not always the case with five-star hotels, plus many five-star hotels feel old, outdated and don’t have a nice atmosphere. In terms of facilities, three stars is probably just about right. There is a guest kitchen, laundry facilities and public spaces to sit, eat, talk and work. 

CityBox opened on August 1, 2020, during the global pandemic, which was not the best time to open a hotel. Maybe that is one reason why they have offered extremely low monthly rates starting at just 290 euros per month for a single room. That is some of the best value for money I have ever seen of any hotel. You get an ultra-comfortable hotel room every day for a price of 290 euros per month. It would be hard to beat anywhere in the world.

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Citybox has a great location for exploring one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Tallinn. The old town, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is located just a short walk from the hotel. The city itself is very modern and with a Nordic feel, and has fantastic value for money, whether it’s restaurants, hotels or entertainment.

Estonia is my favourite country in the world for several reasons. Officially, Estonia might not be a Nordic country, but it feels like one in some ways. It’s one of the countries in the world where I feel the most at home. Secondly, it is fantastic value for money, a much cheaper country to live in and travel than Denmark. If we look at food, Estonia has impressed me with high-quality restaurants and products at the supermarkets. The Estonian people are friendly and helpful. There is a lot of exciting things to do and see, with Tallinn’s Old Town (UNESCO World Heritage Site), being one of the highlights. I have currently rented an apartment in the old town itself, and it’s beautiful to walk around the streets with its well-preserved buildings. Finally, it’s worth mentioning that the centre of Tallinn and Estonia as a whole feels like a very safe country, and it’s not a place where I worry about walking out, even after midnight.

Tallinn itself is also a city that doesn’t feel too big or too small, and it has everything you need for a good life, including some of the best air quality in the entire world. So what’s not to like about Estonia and Tallinn? It is a great place to live and a fantastic place to visit. Estonia was one of the first countries to open up for tourism for vaccinated travellers, and it’s a destination I would highly recommend for anyone looking for a fantastic travel experience for someone who can easily visit the country; it truly is impressive.

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For anyone that can be able to visit Estonia easily during this pandemic, I highly recommend a visit. If you are looking for extraordinary value for money, whether it’s a month-long stay or just a few days, I can definitely recommend CityBox. It is ultra-comfortable, things work, the internet is fast and reliable and it’s an absolute pleasure to stay there. 

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