What Is the Best City in Europe?


Tallinn is my favourite European city for pretty much the same reasons as Estonia is one of my favourite countries. The possibility to live very comfortably in a wonderful city for the same amount of money as living very limited in, for example, Copenhagen. 

There are a lot of great places to eat in Tallinn with good lunch offers, which makes it even more affordable when you get to know the city more and the places to go for the best value. The old town of Tallinn is well-preserved, and I enjoy exploring it. Tallinn makes me excited just thinking about it, and if I one day decide to settle down, it might very well be in Tallinn. I lived in Tallinn during parts of the pandemic, including more than six months in the stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site-Old Town.

I have visited many cities, towns and islands in Estonia. Tallinn, Hiiumaa, Prangli, Viljandi and Vormsi are my favourites, while my visit to Narva was one of the most interesting experiences.

I find Estonia surprisingly similar to Scandinavia, with Saaremaa and Hiiumaa being similar to Thy, Denmark, where I grew up. Estonia offers some of the best value in Europe, great hospitality, excellent food, and many lovely travel experiences.


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