Loama Resort Maldives at Maamigili

Archive article. This hotel might have closed.
Loama Resort Maldives at Maamigili offers a great blend of comfort and cultural immersion in the Maldives. Set amidst natural beauty, it features spacious villas with private pools, fine dining options, and a beautiful spa. Guests can explore local culture through activities like cooking classes and traditional crafts. With its serene ambience and personalized service, Loama Resort Maldives  offers a special experience in this tropical island.

My arrival experience: Warm welcome from Elena and the team.
What I like the most: The design and, of course, the island itself.
What about the food: I was pleasantly surprised. I found the food to be good and better than at many Maldivian resorts. A talented chef from Nepal and a pastry chef from India do a great job. They use expensive imported products instead of focusing on cost savings as seen on some of the other islands.
What about the service: Although not among the best in the Maldives, the service was a lot better than I expected for the price of this resort. Some could need more training but overall satisfied with the service. The only issue was a missed breakfast order, but these this have happened many times before in some of the world’s best hotels.
What about my room: A beautiful villa located right on the beach. The resort is quite new, and I loved the attractive design as well as the comfortable bed. The outdoor bathroom is lovely with a freestanding bathtub and two showers.
Number of rooms: 105.
Type of property: Resort.
Location: Maldives.
Facilities: Pool, spa gym and an interesting Maldivian art gallery.
Complimentary internet: Yes, but unfortunately, it was very slow. It was probably the only thing that didn’t meet my expectations at this resort.
My overall impression: Great+ experience.

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