Atrium Platinum Spa Resort, Rhodes

Atrium Platinum Spa Resort, located in Rhodes, Greece, offers a luxurious retreat with panoramic sea views. This five-star resort features elegant rooms, a state-of-the-art spa, gourmet dining options, and extensive leisure facilities, providing an ideal destination for travellers seeking relaxation and extravagance in the Greek islands.

Arrival experience: Warm welcome from the staff before being escorted to the room.

What I loved: I normally don’t like tourist hotels, but this hotel has beautiful rooms, excellent staff and great food. A perfect tourist hotel and one of Rhodes’ best.

What about the food: Exceeded my expectations. The buffet breakfast and dinner has a large selection of quality food. Probably the best I have seen in big tourist hotels.

Number of rooms: 300 rooms.

Type of property: Resort.

Location: Rhodes.

Facilities: Swimming pool, spa and fitness centre.

Complimentary internet: Yes, but slow in the room.

Affiliations: None.

My overall impression: Great experience.

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